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  1. bulletnyourass

    WTB: LG SuperBlu BH200

    I know this is a long shot.....but I bought my original unit from these forums. Looking for a LG SuperBlu BH200 player. Would like one that comes with the OEM remote but will entertain offers for units without the remote. I’ve bought and sold here for years so you can check my feedback here or...
  2. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    That would be cool to meet up. I don’t live far from Kiel and Jonathan....but with my work schedule, I haven’t seen them in a while.
  3. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Last I talked to him, he was selling off all of his gaming stuff. Then he went off the grid shortly after.
  4. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday Spike Spiegel

    Happy Birthday, Spike
  5. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Hey Kit. How have you been doing?
  6. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Wes, how has everything been with you? I still remember hanging out with you and Chai. You were the first 2 people I met in person from the forums. Good times.
  7. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Can’t believe I joined this forum 18 years ago and it’s still here!
  8. bulletnyourass

    AES titles US and JP for sell (some rare titles)

    Good luck with your sale
  9. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it
  10. bulletnyourass

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    What’s the going price for the Snaplock Case, Insert and manual from a US Sengoku 3 worth? I have one in mint condition. This is from when these were used as Sac Carts to make Zupapa Home cart conversions.
  11. bulletnyourass

    CUSTOM RANKS... YEAR TAGS... for BOXING DAY 2018.... xROTx

    Hey Rot. I don’t want any changes. I’m just looking to see what changes are being asked for.
  12. bulletnyourass

    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    Thanks for that link. I need to find one that’s at 3.60 . Enso Henkaku definitely is what I want to mess around with. I haven’t done any handheld modding/hacking since early In the PSP scene.
  13. bulletnyourass

    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    Soundwave GI and JoaAwesome, thanks for the replies and advice. So between 3.60-3.65 is where I want to be firmware wise. Glad I came here to check first because I would’ve ended up choosing some of the ones I was seeing above 3.65 . One thing that’s never changed over the years is that it’s...
  14. bulletnyourass

    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    Thanks for the info. I thought they could be modded as long as they were 3.68 or lower? I read it could be done using H-Encore. Im not disputing your advice.....just saying that’s why I was looking for one with that firmware. Looking on eBay, I’m noticing that most people who don’t list firmware...
  15. bulletnyourass

    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    Hey everyone. Looking to pick up a PS Vita Slim 3.68 or lower firmware. Haven’t been into the Vita since the launch of the original unit. What is a realistic price to pay for a unit in good shape? Phillip
  16. bulletnyourass

    FS: Stuff for most systems, N64, GC, PS1/2/3/4, PSP, GBA, Dreamcast, ETC

    I’m interested in PlayStation Vita Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero $15 Phillip
  17. bulletnyourass

    FOUND: Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

    Item has been found Paid $60 shipped
  18. bulletnyourass


    Congrats on finalizing the home purchase. Looking to purchase my own home in the next year using money from my 401k (loan) so hope all goes as well as humanly possible.
  19. bulletnyourass

    Switch System and Games, PS4 games

    Im interested in Sonic Mania Plus Switch if it’s still available. Phillip