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  1. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    I got mine going. You can add around 60 games to the original 30 before it starts acting up. So not quite the NES library but you can get your favorites added back and have them display in the menu with box art.
  2. Kyle


    I know this isn't exactly a common concern but a good amount of my weekly dead time is spent on an airplane. I guess it is similar to folks riding the subway.
  3. Kyle

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Watched this last night with some friends from work. CG Grand Moff Tarkin was an abomination. He killed my immersion in the movie. I just sat there staring him, thinking WTF and could not get back into it. They might as well have brought out Jar Jar to dance alongside him and Vader. I don't...
  4. Kyle

    Had a friend kill herself

    I know this isn't an amazing place to have a legitimate conversation but it's the one of the few forums I lurk. And I think I'll feel better posting this. A co-worker was showing me a piece of gaming fan art today. I mentioned that I had a friend who was a talented artist and that he ought to...
  5. Kyle

    Nintendo's Rubbish Production Numbers

    Got my NES Classic and extra controller from a Walmart order last week. The geniuses combine layaway, photo and store pickup so it took 45 mins to get through the line. Guess they're trying to recreate the experience of camping in front of a store. The console isn't too shabby. Casuals will love...
  6. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    I bought a pair from Best Buy. I'm in a small town and I bet they had 20ish when I picked them up.
  7. Kyle

    HDD vs SSD

    Completely agree with this. Get an SSD for speed, have a backup plan for things you care about.
  8. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    A Pi or Fire TV is a good deal more capable than this thing. It's the nostalgia feels that is getting some of us. I have 4 or 5 NES consoles, two of which are RGB modded. PowerPak, Everdrive and probably most if not all of the included games on real carts. It is not rational.
  9. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    I got an order for a console and a controller in today thankfully. It was a mess. Our Target got a whopping 2 of these and has not restocked.
  10. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    Most folks are doing a Raspberry Pi at this point. I'm running Retroarch on a Fire TV which will do the systems above plus Netflix/4k video content. With a pair of these SNES controllers...
  11. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    Stood in line at Target this morning. They received 2 fucking consoles and the first person in line got them both. Stay home.
  12. Kyle

    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    Yep. I have an Android box with nicely sorted roms already connected to the TV with two SNES controllers. But I keep trying to convince myself I want one of these. I would probably find the slightest annoyance and put it back in the box.
  13. Kyle

    Mario Games

    This one is me too. Mario Galaxy is alright and 3D World is alright, but man. Mario 64. Falling to my death and fighting the camera. It might have just been a bad step for me. SMW is my "you get one game and that's it" title. I'd gladly play the thing until I killed over. Mario 64 couldn't...
  14. Kyle

    Mario Games

    Love Yoshi's Island. There's even a Game Genie code to fix this thread. Mario Crying Disabled 44A0-672B For me it was Mario 64. I quickly went from hyped to disappointed. I still hate the game 20 years later.
  15. Kyle

    time for a new cellphone

    I went this month from an S3 myself to a Nexus 6P. I wanted vanilla Android without carrier nonsense. It wasn't cheap but I don't cycle through phones either. Just off the top of my head: - Size is great and the LED screen looks better than an iPhone's LCD. Everyone at my job has iPhones and...
  16. Kyle

    Non-sequential TV recommendations

    This got me in the right direction. Thanks. I found this list for "dark sitcoms" that helped. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, Rick and Morty, Metalocalypse, Archer, The Boondocks, Reno 911!, Superjail!, Moral...
  17. Kyle

    Non-sequential TV recommendations

    I'm sure there's a term for this. Just having a hard time with my Google-fu. I'm looking for some TV recommendations for shows that don't have to be watched sequentially. Stuff I can watch a random episode without feeling like I need to spend a week watching seasons 1 through 7 to be caught up...
  18. Kyle

    Sega Saturn / Rhea

    It's kind of obnoxious but - go to, register an account. You will then get an option on his page to subscribe, which emails you when he posts. That's the best way to ensure you get in the queue. What was the shipping times to the US for you guys? Mine shipped three weeks ago. I...
  19. Kyle

    WTB: Game Genie Top Loader Adapter

    Help me out here. These are a pain to find. Wanting to spend 75-100 depending on condition. Thanks in advance, Kyle
  20. Kyle

    Sorting Roms into Genres

    No one gets this. That's okay. I have a loads of real carts along with flash carts. I am looking to pick up some new stuff I haven't heard of. Let's say I like shmups and beat em ups. This way I just browse to the shooter directory and can easily play something I will enjoy without knowing to...