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    AES graphics issues

    Hey guys, A few years back I had my AES brought back from the dead and unibios 3.1 was installed. I also had the RGB bypass mod installed. When I started it up I only had RF connection and the picture was distorted as seen in pic. I thought, no big deal, it is probably because I am not using a...
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    new joystick needed for MVS

    Hey guys, I'm replacing my player 2 Joystick and am wondering what you guys would recommend. Thanks
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    AES variant carts

    Hey guys, I was looking through my AES games and came upon JAP Magician Lord with double sticker. Samurai Shodown has a weird sticker under the normal one. Wondering what the thoughts are. I can post pics if anyone would like to see. Thanks
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    AES with RGB upgrade on NA tv

    Hey guys, A few years back my AES was brought back from the dead and was also upgraded with RGB. Pretty stupid of me to not have the appropriate cords at the time, I know. That being the case I am just hoping I have this right. AES system - AES RGB scart cable - female rgb euro scart cable - rgb...
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    Thank you Xian Xi

    So a few months back I messaged Xian Xi about problems I was having with my AES. He helped me through it suggesting ways I could fix the problem on my own. I have never done any soldering so I sought out his help. He obliged and gave me a fair quote for all the work I had requested. He kept me...
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    WTB - AES RGB cord

    Hey guys, I'm looking to pick up a cord that would connect my Neo Geo to a north american tv or monitor through RGB. I'm not sure if anyone has one to sell or if there is someone that I could contact to have this made. I would rather go this route then go - Neo Geo AES - Scart - Scart adapter...
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    MVS Carts

    Not too concerned with the condition as long as they are official carts and work perfectly. * Spin Master * Baseball Stars 2 :) ** Thanks Tomcat, for Windjammers and The Next Glory ** ** Thanks Thom_j, for Garou Mark of the Wolves **
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    wts/wtt a few old games - Gameboy, pc game, mario on nes/snes

    Looking to unload a few items we no longer use at my place. Outcast for the PC, never played it but has 2 light scratches on disc 1 that I'm sure do not affect gameplay. Asking $10 + S/H Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (NES), works flawlessly. $5 plus S/H Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nes), works...
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    Advice on 4 slot Neo Geo MVS cab

    Hey guys, I don't have a great reference point when it comes to these systems and was wondering if you guys had an opinion either way. A seller about an hour from my place is selling a 4 slot in great working order with a 110 in 1 cart, 8man, neo turf masters, baseball stars 2, Samurai shodown...