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    WTB / WTTF Neo-Geo CD System

    I'm a long-time member that has been on a very long hiatus. I've done many deals here in the past, but I am not sure if half of those people still post. In either case, I am looking to replace my Neo-Geo CD system. It decided to give out on me this evening while playing a few rounds of Aero...
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    fs: GC Free Loader v1.0b -- $14 shipped!

    Fs: Freeloader for the Nintendo Gamecube. Overall good condition; complete -- Slight mark on disc; it was shipped to me in this condition. Disc works flawlessly. Asking $14.00 shipped
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    FS: Gamecube stuff, etc -- cheap!

    Update: Asking $40 for both Vagrant Story & Persona2 w/ FREE shipping Asking $15 for the Gamecube Freeloader w/ FREE shipping Fs: Freeloader for the Nintendo Gamecube. Overall good condition; complete -- Slight mark on disc; it was shipped to me in this condition. Disc works flawlessly...
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    WTB: Wii games -- let me know!

    Looking to part with any Wii games? I'm looking for Happy Feet and Metal Slug Anthology (was this even released?). Please send a PM if you have either of these games for sale.
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    WTB: Wii Nanchuk controller -- Found!

    Like the title says, I am looking for a Wii Nanchuk controller. Please send a PM if you have one for sale.
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    FS: FreeLoader v1.0b $15, SC2 (GC/Japanese) $20 shipped & MORE

    I have the following deals: Freeloader v1.0b -- Complete; item comes with box, user instructions, etc. Slight scuff on disc; happened when item was shipped to me; works perfectly! Overall good condition Asking $15 shipped Soul Calibur 2 / GC Japanese version -- Complete; item comes with box...
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    FS: Nintendo DS games -- *Cheap!* Puyo Pop Fever $15, - Trace Memory $15.00

    Hello, I have the following DS games for sale: Puyo Pop Fever -- Mint condition; complete with game, box, and manual Asking $15 OBO Trace Memory -- Mint condition; complete with game, box, and manual Asking $15 OBO Mario 64 DS -- Mint condition; missing manual -- comes with game & box...
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    Nintendo 'cube package SOLD!!

    Gamecube system package cheap! System is adult owned, hardly ever played, and it comes with the following: Gamecube system -- Very clean; like-new condition -- works perfectly without flaw (few hours played on system; adult owned) (2) PS2 Joysticks -- (very good condition; connected to 2x...
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    FS: Nintendo WII system -- SYSTEM SOLD

    SOLD! Make me your best offer on this system! Item will ship with insurance (of course) and DC. It was freezing this morning while my wife and I stood outside to buy the system; Thank God for coffee!
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    Gauging Interest: FreeLoader Disc V1.06b for GC

    I purchased the Freeloader Disc to play Soul Calibur on GC back in the heyday of the GC's lifespan. I am just gauging interest and toying with the idea of selling it (possibly with the Japanese version of Soul Calibur). Please send your offers / responses to me via PM or e-mail at...
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    Ebay Auction for Tempest 2000 (Sega Saturn) 5hrs left!

    Auction ended.
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    WTB / WTT: Working Neo-Geo CD system

    I'm looking for a Neo-Geo CD system (top loading or front loading) complete with power supply and A/V cables. I prefer 2 joypads (at the very least) with at least 1 game. Please respond to this thread, via PM or e-mail Thank you in advance!
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    EBay auction.. very clean, NES collection w/ some rare items -- 3hrs left!! :)

    I have a complete (very clean) NES system / collection w/ some rare stuff for sale on Ebay. I replaced the 72-pin connector on the system, and everything works flawlessly. Bid! Bid! Bid! :P Linkie...
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    FS: NGPC system & games $30, Saturn games (make offers!), and much more!

    Hello, My last thread wasn't very 'dail-up' friendly and some people had difficulties reading it, so I have decided to start over and make it easier for everyone to read. More items for sale (plus pics) have been added. ================= Sega Saturn Games (US): ================= I have...
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    FS: (Prices added) Sega Saturn Tempest 2000 (rare), Nintendo DS systems, and more!

    My wife and I just moved into our new home, so I am clearing out some goodies that I no longer have any use for. Offers are always welcome! I will be adding more to the list as the process of unpacking is complete. More items for sale (plus pics) have been added. ================= Sega...
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    FS: PSP carrying cases, PS2 Joystick bundles, etc., cheap!!

    Hello! I have the following items for sale, sealed -- brand new! Please see the following: PS2 Joystick Bundle Kit(s) (X2) avail: I have 2 of these kits for sale... each brand-new kit includes: (1) PS2 Joypad; (1) Lighted DVD Remote; (1) 6ft joypad extension cable; (1) Protective Storage Bag...
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    Update: Free! Free! Free! Additonal WOW added

    Update: Just aquired additional free trials for World of Warcraft. Yes, it's free ! I figured I'd give these away to my friends at; I've known you guys for years and I'd like to give something back. Interested in playing World of Warcraft for 10 days free? I have 12 free game passes for...
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    (2) Nintendo DS systems + 5 games (package deal) (PIC ADDED)

    Hello! I have a complete package deal for anyone that is interested. Pictures can be provided upon request. This package includes 2 Nintendo DS systems, replete with carrying cases x2, home charges x2, and 5 games. Read detailed descriptions: (Blue) Nintendo DS system -- System comes in...
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    FS: Neo-Geo carts (cheap prices)

    I'm back after spending the latter half of '05 completely immersed in the activities of getting married. I am truly blessed; my wife loves the Neo-Geo. lol We've been playing games on the MVS as of late, and she kicks my ass every time we play RBFF, RBFFS, The Last Blade 2, Kabuki Klash, and...
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    Important: to those who have bought from me

    I just wanted to give everyone an update into my life. A close family member to my fiancee has suffered from an aneurysm and I had been unavailable these past few days to talk to everyone. My fiancee needed me by her side, hence my why certain things were delayed. Please accept my humble...