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    FS: Irritating Maze Partial Kit

    Hi guys, Selling this Irritating Maze partial kit. I bought it as new old stock. The original box is in fair/poor shape. There is no manual and no motherboard (although there is an empty box included - first picture, back right - probably for the motherboard?). The trackball silver frame...
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    WTB: candy cabinet

    hey guys - looking for a candy cabinet in the philadelphia area. willing to drive up to 2 hours away to pick it up...i am not picky on the type of cabinet but the monitor must be rotatable, and i would rather have something with no burn in. i don't mind if it is a project, as long as the...
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    WTB: cowboys of moo mesa PCB (FOUND)

    hey all, looking for an original cowboys of moo mesa pcb. let me know if you have one for sale!
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    WTB Battletoads PCB *FOUND*

    anyone have one they'd be willing to sell me? pm with price!
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    WTB Ghouls 'n Ghosts PCB + Q*bert wiring harness

    hey - looking for the following... Ghouls 'n Ghosts PCB Q*bert wiring harness (can be original or homemade, as long as it works) if you have either of these please send me a pm :)
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    bad repair? or...?

    ok, so i can't figure this one out. my apologies to the seller if you read this but i had to ask. prog board looks different from the examples here: cha board matches the pic in pcb set 1 in above link so i did not bother to take pictures...
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    WTB: mikie pcb

    anyone have an original mikie pcb for sale? send me a pm with your price :)
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    graphical glitching - top hunter mvs

    i have a top hunter cart that has graphical glitching during the introduction screens (see pictures). also some objects during game play have similar glitches. i have already cleaned the cart several times using alcohol and q-tips, and i also tried the pink eraser method. there was no...
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    *FOUND* metal slug 3 mvs

    looking for an original metal slug 3 mvs cart, on the cheaper end (i.e....gamers condition, and not a kit). no bootlegs please :)
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    i am looking for a chain reaction jamma PCB...if you have one to sell please PM!
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    metal slug 4 boot/nb?

    does this look real to you guys? the NGH matches on the chips, but they are all labelled "MEGA ENTERPRISES"...never saw chips like that and thought it was weird.
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    anyone have a non-boot raguy or blue's journey mvs cart for sale? looking for a cheaper copy, so any condition is fine!
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    anyone have one they would be willing to part with? PM with price! :multi_co:
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    not happy with coinopexpress

    they told me they could get the games i wanted, took my payment, and then they made me WAIT A WEEK to tell me the supplier sold out of the one game i really wanted. i told them to cancel the entire order and refund my money. very frustrated.
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    my first cmvs!

    not quite complete, but all the major wiring is finally done. i still want to do the battery mod, and am trying to psych myself up to install a unibios. also want to paint it when done...the case got a little bit nicked up during the process :) (the neo cd was already dead)
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    WTB: mvs metal slug 5!

    anyone have a metal slug 5 mvs cart they want to sell me? :)
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    metal slug 5: boot?

    hey guys, i just checked out a metal slug 5 cart that someone was selling. it had a clear case and on the top board were two windowed eproms and a bunch of smaller intel chips (nothing with an ngh number on it). i didn't even bother opening it up to look at the second board. i told the guy i...
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    doesn't matter if its a full kit or not, and condition is not important. send me a pm with a price if you have one to sell!
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    MV-1C language settings?

    i have a mv-1c board, and i believe it is the latin america version since in magical drop 3, the voices are mostly speaking spanish. i did a few searches and it seems like i should be able to change the dip settings to make games play in english, but i couldn't find how...anyone have any info...
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    anyone have a non-boot copy they are interested in selling? please pm me your offer! i don't care about condition as long as it works!