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    This place has marked gaming guidelines for many. For better or worse...

    Without it, you'd still be playing N64...on RF, on a LCD of course, lol. Discuss.
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    It's awesome!
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    The music that AMERICA deserves! (Awesome or Bust!!!)

    I don't wanna steal all the thunder so I'll start with just one...or two songs... Now here's he thing, you gotta keep it awesome, no matter the genre, just gotta be awesome, if it's not awesome I will bury your post with a hundred reasons why your version of awesome should be punished by...
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    WTB: 3DS Naruto Powerful Shippuden

    I'm game for cart only for cheap, paypal only. Wouldn't mind complete if it's cheap enough. Thanks!
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    Iron Maiden Book of Souls...

    We have been lucky...Maiden still running...luckier even more knowing that Bruce is still running...we are gifted in the sense that Metal is still running...the unsung fiends that we are must gather here to tell what is and what was... ...with that said please share your opinion of the new...
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    Looking for beat up PCE gamepads to build a custom joystick...

    Gimme your PC Engine beatup ugly as sin pads, as long as they work I'm down, name your price and we'll be rolling... I'm down for a 2 button one, no worries, 3 button OK two, hell even the 6 button one but I'm not planning to play fighters on this console, I have better means to fill that void.
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    If shit went nuts and you could only keep 3 games for the rest of your life...

    Ninja Gaiden III The Ancient Ship of Doom Super Street Fighter II X The Grand Master Challenge DoDonpachi What about you? Edit: Keep in mind I'm talking about what you have right now, no wish list or holy grails of course...also no multicarts, just 3 games, no collections.
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    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    Seems like a popular idea that has been floating around, it has been mentioned multiple times. Any thoughts, suggestions, drama, all of the above?
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    NGPC NTM Los Turfes Club: Pocket League Score Thread

    Out of the days of yore here comes a wonder brightening the face that bore the ponder from winter days a new asunder full of haste lore and fonder... NEO TURF MASTERS LOST TURFES CLUB POCKET LEAGUE Here we are yet another Golfing bonanza, put up your scores, take some pics to legitimize the...
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    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    RULES · Default settings - Infinite credits allowed - MVS Level · Name | Score | Course | Golfer | Platform (MVS, AES, Neo CD, MAME) | Credits ^Record Entry Format. · Pictures to legitimize your entry. . Here's is an example for future entries, not required but very helpful for...
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    WTB: Genesis/MD Everdrive

    Looking for the latest one the easy way, here.
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    MVS Titles (SNK) That I don't have.

    So, I'm one of them fucks that has too much shit for his own good. I was on this crazy run years ago, never finished 'cause I came to a point where some games are just not worth the money and others are just not that interesting for me. Granted I did end up with games that I'm like WTF?! (Pop...
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    El Vengador Que se transforma en un robot El Vengador Tiene poderes sin igual El Vengador En la batalla mostrará Que sin duda Con él no se van a igualar Siempre listo Y escuchando Encontrando la forma de actuar En su nave Va volando Va buscando Al monstruo infernal El Vengador Que se transforma...
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    HBD OrochiEddie AKA Purple Leather Pants...

    Happy Birthday you Coconut Dome, love you in a purple haze!
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    Earth Defense Force Arcade vs SNES

    So I've been going back and forth with DZ about this game for a few weeks now. He sides with the Jamma board and I side with the SNES cart. I like the extra weapons and the extra level, I know the game feels a bit easier on the SNES 'cause the bosses are easier but to me the experience on the...
  18. Electric Grave

    Steel Empire 3DS

    Didn't see a thread for this and I just got it today 'cause it's for sale half price, god damn fuckwads wanted 30 bucks for it! Now is 15...still a lot of though for a game like this but I did it, I said fuck it and did it. BTW, plays better than the Genesis and GBA games hands down, well...
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    WTB: PS3 fully backwards compatible.

    Mine died, need of replacement. So shipped to 02339 paid via paypal. LMK. Thanks
  20. Electric Grave

    Ultra SF 4

    Not sure if there's a thread but I didn't see it, if I missed it please disregard. I'm just getting into 4, I played with Wes a few times but I'm ready to get into it, so I'm all up to take some beatings and get the hang of things. electricgrave on both XBL & PSN