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  1. thegreathopper

    Wanted :- King Of Fighters 98 Japan home cart

    Looking for this home cart, I have a lovely home system and CRT ready for action.. Thanks :A::B::C::D:
  2. thegreathopper

    Damaged AV socket on home system

    Hi, has anyone ever replaced the AV port on a Neo Geo home cart system, mine works but it has bits of plastic missing, ideally a whole new AV socket is needed. But where can I get one ? :cool: Cheers.
  3. thegreathopper

    Wanted Mark of the Wolves MVS

    MOTW wanted JPN or USA MVS cart is fine with me, cart only would be good but no boots. Thanks:)
  4. thegreathopper

    Zupapa and Rage of the Dragons MVS kits.

    Rage of the Dragons kit £Sold Zupapa kit £60 Both with matching serials and as new etc etc
  5. thegreathopper

    FS: KOF 98 Ultimate Match Hero PGM2 Full kit.

    KOF 98 Ultimate Match Hero PGM2 complete Jamma kit as new £500 now £420 delivered in the UK, Not getting time to play this so maybe someone else can give it a better home.
  6. thegreathopper

    Donpachi £Sold

    Donpachi JPN version for sale £SOLD>>>>
  7. thegreathopper

    FS. Prehistoric Isle 2 and Rage Of the Dragons Kits.

    Nice kit with all 3 flyers.. £140 shipped UK, £150 rest of the world.SOLD to MagicT Rage.. All complete with mini marquee £70 shipped UK, £80 rest of the world.
  8. thegreathopper

    Jst or Molex connector in a Capcom cab part no?

    I want to make up a 1 player control panel but need two of the plugs in the picture preferably with 1 Meter of cable and all pins wired. Anyone any idea of the part number or where I can buy or order a sample.. Thanks. :) The cab is a Capcom Impress 29 Candy cab.
  9. thegreathopper

    NeoGeo MVS kits and carts.

    MVS games all original, mvs kits complete bought new apart from Windjammers which is used and has non matching serial numbers. SSV £70 SNK vs Capcom £60 Metal Slug 5 £90 Metal Slug 4 £70 Metal Slug 3 Sold Prehistoric Isle 2 £130 Rage of the Dragons £80 Windjammers £35 Samurai Shodown 5...
  10. thegreathopper

    MVS and home carts.

    Windjammers mvs £22 shipped, english label KOF 98 mvs £15 shipped made label KOF2K1 USA home cart mint as new £SOLD to Cole SamSho3 JPN home cart excellent condition £40 shipped 6 slot mvs board £55 shipped memory card reader with all cables for multi slot board £40 shipped. more to come...
  11. thegreathopper

    Real Bout poster characters

    I would like to know who the characters are in this poster, I know two of them are Geese Howard and Billy Kane but what about the other two?
  12. thegreathopper

    Wanted SS2 MVS artset.. Eng and JPN

    Wanted SS2 MVS artset... Eng and JPN Samurai Shodown 2 English and Japanese art sets wanted Thanks..
  13. thegreathopper

    KOF 96 MVS trade for a SS2/SS3 art set

    I have a KOF 96 100% legit but with a home made label, I would like to trade for a Samurai Shodown 2 or 3 English art set. Or I could buy the art set from you. Thanks..
  14. thegreathopper

    Sega STV and loads of games

    £250 shipped to the UK
  15. thegreathopper

    ATOMISWAVE, Dolphin Blue, Neowave..PRICE DROP..

    ATOMISWAVE, King of Fighters Neowave.. Last AW game.... The King Of Fighters NeoWave £50 shipped. Dolphin Blue with copied artwork, SOLD Metal Slug 6 with Original English artwork, Manual, Move strip and Shock box, SOLD KOF XI cart, SOLD Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, TRADED Atomiswave...
  16. thegreathopper

    Dangun Feveron pcb for sale and mvs games.

    Dangun Feveron pcb for sale works 100% and in excellent condition £115 shipped to the UK. I will post a pic if any one wants to see one. I also have for sale Metal Slug 2 £25 shipped to the UK and KOF 96 with a replacement label £15 shipped to the UK. All of these games are checked and are...
  17. thegreathopper

    CPS3 Battery replacement.. Best method?

    I was wondering what people who have replaced CPS3 batteries think is the best method. 1. I have read of someone who has replaced the lithium battery with the game running. 2. The other option I know is to solder on a helper battery to hold the voltage while you replace the battery. 3. Get a...
  18. thegreathopper

    Sam Sho 2 English art set or mvs kit.

    Hello I would like a Samurai Shodown 2 English art set or a complete kit please.. If you are selling please let me know..
  19. thegreathopper

    Japanese Translation on Neo cab please....

    Could someone please tell me what these switches do on my Neo cab...Thanks in advance..
  20. thegreathopper


    Dimahoo, Japan Green CPS-2 board, battery replaced today, excellent condition £70 shipped in the UK..