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  1. traveno

    How to play scotland - neo turf masters

    I didn't realize this existed. I got Scotland working on my MVS with a NeoSD Pro... if anyone was curious if that combination works, it does.
  2. traveno

    My current mess of a collection

    Looking at your collection gives me anxiety. Please continue.
  3. traveno

    My Custom MVS Labels

    For MVS games? Do these go on the spine of the carts?
  4. traveno

    NEO SD Boot

    You should email TerraOnion and ask them to open source their flash cart front end. Since you have a way with words and all.. you might just convince them. Imagine the possibilities if we had access to the flash cart firmware. We could possibly even make use of that undocumented USB port on...
  5. traveno

    Cabal Neo Geo Port

    Pinball games on the NeoGeo? It feels out of place, because if you're at the arcade, why would you opt for a pinball game on the NG if there's real machines around the corner? BUT... this scenario doesn't happen anymore because, you know, arcades pretty much dead as hell. These days, as a...
  6. traveno

    Neo SNK OF Chinese Website

    An .exe file to open what could essentially just be a PDF? Do you want malware? Because this is how you get malware. I have to agree with Gremlin that it's extremely doubtful this will contain anything new, assuming it's legit. On the other hand, maybe it will have a trick that I can use to...
  7. traveno

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    Yeah if you purchased that cart as fully working, then it should be fully working. Hopefully it finds its way to someone who can repair it.
  8. traveno

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Been on the hunt for this game for a long time. Super happy to finally have it. This is probably my second most played game, right behind NTM. Interestingly it's a korean copy. The label and shell are super jank though. I see a re-shelling in the near future.
  9. traveno

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    Thanks to Neo Alec for the idea, I did a little experiment. # linux commands if someone else wants to try this dd if=/dev/urandom of="200-v1.v1" bs=2M count=1 dd if=/dev/urandom of="200-v2.v2" bs=2M count=1 dd if=/dev/urandom of="200-v4.v4" bs=2M count=1 I created some 2MB files with random data...
  10. traveno

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    Yeah I bet that's the issue. How did you go about testing each V rom?
  11. traveno

    AES / MVS prices

    You jest... but it's certainly within the realm of possibilities.
  12. traveno

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    Open up the cart and do a visual inspection. The V roms hold the sound samples. Sounds like some instruments are coming in ok but others are just static. A broken trace could act as an antenna and be picking up garbage.
  13. traveno

    Cabal Neo Geo Port

    I can confirm the same results. I am also inclined to believe it has something to do with the ROM set. That is, the ROM set is sort of a hack and isn't fully "hooked into" the NG environment. Just my educated guess coming from a background in low level software development. The NeoSD likely has...
  14. traveno

    Looptris on NGCD by Blastar

    I'm out of time tonight but I will take a crack at it tomorrow after work.
  15. traveno

    Looptris on NGCD by Blastar

    Yes, neosdconv is an excellent tool. Also, thanks for pointing out Darksoft has released updates to support latest homebrew developments. Very cool! I have nothing against Darksoft really. Almost bought one myself but the opportunity for a NSD Pro came about. And thus here we are.
  16. traveno

    Looptris on NGCD by Blastar

    Yeah I have no regrets going with the NeoSD. It sucks that the Darksoft cart doesn’t even acknowledge homebrew. I’m assuming you have to replace an existing game’s data, with the homebrew game’s data, to trick it into working?
  17. traveno

    Looptris on NGCD by Blastar

    First time I’ve heard of this homebrew tech demo/project. I’ll check it out. I’ve been playing and enjoying Hypernoid lately and this is another cool addition for the NG homebrew list.
  18. traveno

    Neo Geo SDK

    This is pretty cool. I’m always interested in checking out new tools or a different take on a NG dev environment. I see the environment is fairly preliminary but I encourage you to take the project further and see what you can make of it. Also, it might just be my phone but a lot of the code...
  19. traveno

    MiSTer FPGA vs Final Burn Neo - the Neo Geo Showdown for not Big Tymers

    DE10-nano prices just broke $200 from the manufacturer. For the price of a tricked out FPGA setup and controllers (probably around $400-500) one may begin to consider a CMVS and NeoSD setup. That is, if you're building a kit focused on Neo Geo. Even with the big price, I think it is still the...
  20. traveno

    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    Bitmap sent me a new cardboard MVS box with my softbox and art set. Their communication was very good. Everything is in excellent condition now and I'm pretty happy. Now I'm just waiting for the ROM fix.