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  1. Tung Fu ru

    RIP Mark Lanegan

    Known most for being the singer of Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan has passed away. He was 57. I'm a big fan of that band but also his work with The Gutter Twins, Queens of the Stone Age, also his solo albums. Such a deep unique voice. He will be greatly missed...
  2. Tung Fu ru

    Eddie Van Halen dead at 65

    Eddie Van Halen lost his battle with cancer today. Not a huge fan personally, but he definitely had a huge influence on music. RIP
  3. Tung Fu ru

    Mario Maker 2

    Any of you fuckers playing Mario Maker 2? Any levels you would like to suggest? Or, maybe you want to share some that you've made? My levels currently aren't that great so I won't post any yet. Just curious what you guys think of the game. I'm definitely liking it so far.
  4. Tung Fu ru

    Steam Summer Sale 2018!!!

    It's that time of year again for the Steam Summer Sale. What are you guys buying or planning on buying? I just bought: Ikaruga Galaga Raiden IV: OverKill DoDonPachi Resurrection That's it so far, but I'll definitely get more.
  5. Tung Fu ru

    My computer died....

    My house lost power the other night. The next day went to turn on my computer, and nothing. So, I'm guessing the power supply went out on me. The computer is probably around 10 years old or so. I was thinking of getting a new one soon, just not this soon. Just seems dumb to replace the PSU...
  6. Tung Fu ru

    Polybius (Lamasoft game) featured in new NIN video

    The new Nine Inch Nails video for the song "Less Than" features the game Polybius, a Lamasoft game. Just thought I'd let people know. Just in case any one here was interested. gDV-dOvqKzQ
  7. Tung Fu ru

    Steam Summer Sale 2017: What are you getting, what do you recommend?

    It's that time again. There are a shitload of games for sale on Steam right now. I'm planning on pulling the trigger on a few games. Kinda wondering what everyone else is picking up and what's on sale currently that people here recommend giving a shot. I'm planning on getting: -Slain -Axiom...
  8. Tung Fu ru


    So Nintendo's first real cell phone game (I don't count Pokemon Go) Mario Run, came out the other day. Who else got this besides me? What do you guys think of it? I haven't played it too much yet, just the first two worlds, but pretty fun so far. Not sure if I'll like it better than the...
  9. Tung Fu ru

    Poll: Best Radiohead album

    What is your favorite Radiohead album? They're one of my favorite bands, and amazing live. For me it's probably In Rainbows, but OK Computer is close behind for me. A Moon Shaped Pearl (newest album) is much better than their previous album, King of Limbs (in my opinion). PolluxTroy can't be...
  10. Tung Fu ru

    R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) died!

    Kenny Baker, the guy in R2-D2's suit died at the age of 81. RIP
  11. Tung Fu ru

    Rocket League (Steam, PS4, XB1....)

    I know there is a previous Rocket League thread in Unrelated from about a year ago... But I thought this would be a better spot for it. I bought this a few weeks back on Steam and holy shit is this game awesome. Stupid fun and stupid addicting at the same time. Anyone who wants to play some...
  12. Tung Fu ru

    PC gaming on an older PC

    So I have an older computer. Probably about 5-6 years old or so. I REALLY want to play some of the games that have come out in the last year or so. Games like Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Farcry 4, and especially Dark Souls 3. Of course there are others that interest me as well, but those kinda...
  13. Tung Fu ru

    Salt and Sanctuary

    I just got this game earlier this week on Steam, (also on PS4/Vita). It's basically a 2-D Dark Souls/ Castlevania type game. Definitely takes more from the Souls games, but you see other influences as well. So far, I'm not too deep into the game. Only beat a few bosses so far. Just trying...
  14. Tung Fu ru

    My dog just ran away! (UPDATE: My dog is now safe at home)

    So on my way home from work tonight my wife calls me and is crying like crazy telling me how our dog just ran away. We have her parents in town this weekend so they helped us look for a bit. What sucks is I was just getting home about 9:45ish and it's super dark. Looked for a while both by...
  15. Tung Fu ru

    Pac-man Battle Royale (4 player vs)

    The bar I work at got this game a little while ago. It's pretty bad ass and I think is pretty damn fun. My only complaint is that I hear one player is just you vs a cpu pac-man. It should just be one player pac-man on a big screen. We have the bar-top model with four drink holders (the same...
  16. Tung Fu ru

    Abyss Odyssey

    Just played the demo and was liking what I played so far. Just curious if anyone here has played the full version, and what they thought. For those who don't know what it is: It's basically a metroidvania type game, with randomly generated levels. Here's a clip: lk2U31GEcbE _lHj7-dqLBY Should...
  17. Tung Fu ru

    Just got an icade. What games should I get?

    My wife bought me an icade for my birthday. So now what games should I pick up. I just bought the raiden collection for $5. I know there are a few of you with these on the boards, so let me know your experiences.
  18. Tung Fu ru

    Five new DLC Characters coming out for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

    The new characters are: -Hugo -Poison -Rolento -Elena -and a new character The add on will be $15, or $40 for the complete game with the additional characters. The update is supposed to also include new stages and balance updates as well. Don't know how many of you guys are going to care...
  19. Tung Fu ru

    OUYA anyone?

    Since today's the day that backers of the kickstarter project for the OUYA console get one shipped to them. Who here has or is planning on buying a OUYA? If you don't know what it is, it's a new Android video game console for $99 that connects to your TV. With controllers too, like a real...
  20. Tung Fu ru

    Nights into Dreams HD out now on XBLA and PSN

    Nights into Dreams HD just came out today (October 5th) on XBLA for 800MS points, and I think came out a few days ago on PSN for $10. Just played through the first stage and I gotta say looks pretty good. The game also includes the original Saturn version and X-mas Nights. Just a heads up...