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  1. daskrabs

    Carriage Bolt Size for MVS Control Panel

    Does anyone know the correct carriage bolt size for an MVS control panel (overlay)? Better yet, anyone have a link to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  2. daskrabs

    WTB: MV-ELA Board for MVS cab

    Anyone have a spare MV-ELA driver board for the EL panels and the long cable that goes to the mobo? PM offers with shipping to 19044. Thanks.
  3. daskrabs

    SOTM October 2021: Salamander 2

    Salamander 2 (Konami 1996) Playable on PCB/MAME or Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus (1997) for PS1 or Saturn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #. Player - Score - Stage - Platform...
  4. daskrabs

    Too Many Games, October 8-10, 2021, Oaks, PA

    Info: Who's going?
  5. daskrabs

    SOTM October 2021 Vote: Konami Da!

    Konami month is back!
  6. daskrabs

    Museum of Pinball Closes, Auctioning Everything

    Story: Auction: Super sad. I loved that place. Those of you in the LA area might be able to score some amazing pins and/or cabs though.
  7. daskrabs

    AES Palette (Color) RAM Issue

    I'm working on an AES that wasn't booting due to color RAM error. Diag BIOS said 5555 > 5575, so I found a broken trace from D5 on NEO-G0 to the 68K. I bodged it, and now it boots, but I still have the color problems below. Did I bodge to the wrong spot? Is there something that sits between G0...
  8. daskrabs

    NGPC IPS Screen Issues

    Has anyone else had these issues using the latest IPS screen mod for NGPC? -When AA's are somewhere around half charge, seems like a 50% chance of getting a black screen at boot. Especially noticeable when switching games. Putting the unit down for a bit seems to help. Using an AC adapter fixes...
  9. daskrabs

    ISO: Neo 25 or 29 Marquee Holder

    Does anyone have the marquee holder from a Neo 25 or Neo 29 candy cabinet topper? The part is shown highlighted below. Thanks.
  10. daskrabs

    Pandora's Box Hacking?

    Anything new recently on the Pandora's Box hacking front? It's nice that you can add games to the 6 and DX models, but it'd be great to mod the config to customize things and get rid of screen tearing, etc. Post up if you got any deetz.
  11. daskrabs

    AES DB-15 same as MVS?

    In theory, could I source an MV-1 or similar MVS board with controller ports, and desolder one of them to replace a broken AES controller port? Are they literally the same housing/part? I understand that they're the same functionally, depth, etc. Or were the MVS parts unique from the AES ones?
  12. daskrabs

    MV-1B Resetting at Title screen

    Any ideas? MV-1B, pretty clean boards, clean slot, good power, cleared backup RAM via DIP1. Crashes at title screen if it ever gets there. Voltage needs to be at least 5.15v, otherwise, crashes after BIOS. I can get into BIOS and do everything, except it crashes when I clear backup RAM.
  13. daskrabs

    Sigma 8000TB Joystick Cable

    Anyone know where I can find one of these? It's basically a Neo extension cable with 2 female ends. Maybe sold for some other legacy PC use?
  14. daskrabs

    Which chassis is this?

    Pretty sure it's a 25" Hitachi but not sure which model. It's not a GMK-25FS2. Any ideas?
  15. daskrabs

    Who fixes MS9's on the East Coast USA?

    I've got a couple bad chassis to possibly repair. In the past, I've used Sharp Image in Vegas and Arcadecup in WI, but I was hoping to save some money on shipping. Any ideas?
  16. daskrabs

    WTB Taito F3 motherboard

    Any region, but Japan or region free preferred. PM offers. Thanks
  17. daskrabs

    SOTM June 2020: Parodius Da!

    Let's do separate scoreboards for Saturn/PSX, PCB/X68K/MAME, PCE, and SFC. Normal difficulty. Roulette disable permitted. (name/score/platform/stage) SFC 1. daskrabs/616,500/SFC/1-10/Vic 2. Dogg/235,800/SFC/1-5/Vic 3. gusmoney/209,500/SFC/1-4/Vic Viper 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Saturn/PSX 1...
  18. daskrabs

    SOTM Voting Thread: June 2020

    Konami Month Da!
  19. daskrabs

    Too Many Games, June 26-28, 2020, Oaks, PA

    So, they raised the price of a 3-day to $60 :oh_no: ($55 last year). Time to ask myself how much I'm willing to pay to play candies and talk smack. I can do an after-party on Fri night (6/26) unless you out-of-towners are throwing down in your hotel room(s) instead. I live 40 min from the...
  20. daskrabs

    SOTM October 2019: Gradius III

    Let's do separate scoreboards for SNES, PS2/Arcade (basically same), and PSP. If you're playing SNES, I highly encourage you to try the speed patch. If you use it, note it in your entry, i.e. "SP". (name/score/platform/stage) SNES/SFC 1. Kidpanda 1,653,200 - 3-All 2. andsuchisdeath 964,600 -...