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  1. Tron

    Wonder Boy Collection

    This is neat but it's lacking wonder boy the dragons trap and wonder boy III monster lair.
  2. Tron

    Capcom Fighter Collection

    I just hope this has proper emulation compared to how terrible it was on,capcom arcade stadium.It's some thing to see for the first time that red earth will be available on consoles.Also it's great to see most of the darkstalkers are in it given it was the ps2 compilation that did and used it's...
  3. Tron

    E-shop to close by 2023 for 3DS and Wii-U

    This isn't a big deal for me since i never bought digitally much for the wii-u and the console can be hacked anyways.3DS i never bought one since i'm not a fan of dedicated portables.
  4. Tron

    FS:SS Battle Garegga and FC Gremlins 2

    Got two games for sale and both are complete. SS Battle Garegga price $175.99,shipping $7.99 and disc is in mint shape.Payments by paypal and feel free to pm for any more questions. FC Gremlins 2 $54.99,shipping $7.99
  5. Tron

    SNES 30th Anniversary

    This makes me feel old given the console came out 30's years ago thoughts,memories anyone on it's games etc. By the way a tweet by noa on it.
  6. Tron

    Fist of the North Star Animation Director Masumi Suda Died

    :cry: Shame really i consider the fotn anime a classic of the 80's.By the way if i'm late on this i only just found out now.
  7. Tron

    FS:CIB Famicom games

    For sale these assorted famicom games boxed with manuals.Time to slim down the collection now that i got a famicom everdrive n8.For payments paypal please thank you. Lord of Kings/The Astyanax $14.00 shipped Magic John/Totally Rad $14.00 shipped Gremlins 2 $55.00 shipped Final...
  8. Tron

    FS Famicom lightgun and games plus Metal Storm to sell redux.

    Famicom lightgun,games now at a lower price and Metal Storm as well to sell.Free shipping. Metal Storm $323.25 it included the box,manual and registration card.
  9. Tron

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World Video Game,To be released again !!

    As most heard by now scott pilgrim vs the world is being released again for switch,pc,ps4 and xbox. wUU_wRjdi2I This release will also have the dlc included,which i miss out on last gen so i'll give it a try.
  10. Tron

    TG16 Dungeon Explorer 2

    This is the u.s version of the game complete.The disc itself has been resurfaced and plays perfectly.For payment i take paypal anymore questions feel free to pm me. Price $275.00 Sold!!.
  11. Tron

    FS:Famicom Lightgun plus games.

    I don't have use for this accessory anymore so it's time to sell it.It comes with it's original box,beat up as it is and no holster sorry.When i bought it in the last decade that's how it came.Also i'm selling games with it also in this lot.It comes with duck hunt,hogans alley and wild...
  12. Tron

    Mega Man Zero/ZX collection announced

    Coming to PC,PS4,Switch and Xbox One.Note i hope capcom doesn't half ass it for switch by splitting them up between physical and digital :shame: _D8WwIVt14c
  13. Tron

    Bob Einstein comedian aka Super Dave Osborne dies at 76

    Most i remember him for was his super dave act.Other when he guest star on curb you're enthusiasm. Hjjhgp9E5W0
  14. Tron

    Sega Virtual On Collection Coming to PS4

    Get Ready !! Most i like about this being able to play the original and it's sequel online for vs.Note this better come stateside.
  15. Tron

    Super Everdrive to sell.

    Have a super everdrive to sell i don't need it any more,now that i have a sd2snes.Early model but it does have,dsp-1 chip in it to play the likes of super mario kart&pilot wings.Price is $80.00 shipped as for payment paypal is fine.Any more questions feel free to ask.
  16. Tron

    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    Here i thought i've seen it all seriously japan !? Damn i know hatsune miku is popular there,but this is getting creepy and sad at the same time :oh_no::loco:
  17. Tron

    Playstation classic anounced

    Looks like sony is now jumping on the mini console bandwagon :rolleyes: Hx4zkZwvrok Not really excited though.Since i still have a playstation collection and a PS3 that can play them.
  18. Tron

    PS2/PS3 games for sale.

    Odin Sphere and Caladrius Blaze for sale i can take paypal or money orders as payment. Caladrius Blaze $54.16 Odin Sphere $28.99
  19. Tron

    Everdrive MD to sell.

    Original everdrive md for sale,$47.00 shipped. I can take paypal or money order as payments.
  20. Tron

    PS3 game to sell.

    For the PS3 game,caladrius blaze $67.00 shipped. Payment paypal or money orders.