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    [Scam] dont buy from Japanese Ebay Seller yjjyhgfju he stole 125€ from me

    is this the guy on ebay with the stupid yellow bus in his pic? He was really pushy trying to get me to sell him some things at an extremely lowball price...and asks me to deal with him outside of ebay to avoid their fees. I told him to take a hike needlesss to say
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    Guess what? SNK releasing new KOF Rhythm game! Get your smartphones ready....

    KOF Beast Busters Have you played or noticed the KOF beast busters game? I downloaded it but have yet to spend any time on it.
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    What arcade stick do you own?

    Just returned an x arcade tank stick...don't buy it they are horrible. Not sure why the ratings are so high. I have a hyperspin hdd set up and tried using it to play mame and it wasn't anything to get excited about. For wii u I have the tatsanuko vs. capcom fight stick and I love it. For the PS3...
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    Wii U or PS4, which should I get?

    I say get both...two very different systems. The first party Nintendo stuff is amazing. The wii u library has a good 25 must have blockbuster titles and will keep you occupied for a while...wait on the ps4 there is not a whole lot of exclusives or anything worth bragging over yet. I owned a ps4...
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    If Sapphire wasn't so stupid-expensive, where would it fall on the scale of PCE Shmups?

    Go for the boot and save the money...these days there aren't many legit copies out there. I paid $500 for mine and like an idiot it's a boot. It just sits on the shelf and rarely gets played. Soundtrack is awesome. There are many other pic shooter worth twin bee for starters lol
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    Is Border Down Worth the Asking Price?

    Border down is amazing...probably ,y favorite shooter. Just be sure you have the dream cast candy's worth the asking price if you play it a lot. It's one of those games where it's easy to learn from your mistakes and when you screw up you know exactly why. I paid $185 for mine but it...
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    Best stick for online PC gaming (fighters)?

    I have a hayabusa hori real arcade pro v4 stick for ps4/ is sub compatible but I have yet to try it on my pic... I will probably try it out tomorrow. Does anyone know if it will work? Just an FYI my pc is an Alienware alpha
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    Ultra SF 4

    I have this on steam but it refuses to play In steam big picture mode... Does anyone know why?
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    you found out you can't post new threads in the master forum! what can you do?

    Understood! The market was not why I originally's more so for the community and to learn a bit more about the system.
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    1st neo geo game that got you hooked?

    Samurai Showdown II was the defense aspect of the game...Its so much different than capcom fighters. It was the first aes game I played. My buddy bought a neo geo and I said "wtf is a neo geo (pronounced gheeo)" lol. He had samurai showdown 2 on it and I played it and realized it was...
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    you found out you can't post new threads in the master forum! what can you do?

    welp this answers my question. I am all for noobs not being able to sell in the beginning and can understand why but I wish I could at least post in the wanted section because I have a few things I am looking to buy!
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Love the art! Where can I preorder this at and is payment due in full now?
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    Garou Mark of the Wolves released on iOS/Android

    LOL thats exactly what I did Ryo! I picked up every snk game on the app store including blazing star and beast busters!
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    Garou Mark of the Wolves released on iOS/Android

    I downloaded this on the anniversary sale and paid .99 for it! I love it and its well worth buying. I use the screen on my iphone 6 + and was not aware that I could use bluetooth controllers with it.