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    FS: Ultimate Guide to the NES 2nd ed. (NEW) $55 shipped

    I have several new copies of Pat the NES Punk's Complete Guide to the NES (2nd Edition) $55 shipped with ithe USA via media mail. Paypal gift.
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    FS Ultimate Guide To The NES. Brand new $55 shipped

    This is the excellent book that Pat The NES Punk had on kickstarter. It goes for 64.95 on amazon. I have a few for 55 shipped anywhere in the US.
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    FS: Last Blade 2 AES JPN (8/10) condition

    Japanese Last Blade 2 complete and legit. $600 shipped within the USA Complete with baggie. Condition 8/10 Case: very tiny crease on the bottom of the back insert Cart: a few small marks on the back from the case. Manual. Very minor corner wear on one of the back corners. Please PM with...
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    MVS: Flying Power Disc, Kizuna, Driftout, SW3, Metal Slug + more

    All games are legit and include priority mail shipping within the USA. I really don't care if the payment is regular or gift within the USA. International payments require additional money for shipping and payment via gift only. SOLD League Bowling (JP-some wrinkling) $50 SOLD Metal Slug...
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    Would It Be Possible To Port Metal Slug 1 & 2 NGCD to the MVS/AES?

    The recent Crossed Swords 2 port had me thinking how cool it would be to play both MS1 and MS2 combat schools on my Omega. BTG CD would be another one as it has the Scotland course. Razoola, Jeff this possible?
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    2 Original MAS Neo Geo Arcade Sticks w/ Turbo Switches (Happ Controls)

    I have a pair of the original MAS Systems Neo Geo arcade sticks that were made way back in the day. One is in really good condition and the other is missing one of the rubber feat and has slight discoloration on a small section of the face. $300 shipped anywhere within the lower 48 for the...
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    FS: Obscure MVS titles: Mag Lord, Nam, N. Commando, Drift out + MANY MORE

    All of the following MVS are originals. Shipping is free within the USA, $12 for Canada. Interested buyers outside of North America, please pm me for terms and shipping. Paypal only and for USA buyers I have no preference if it is paypal gift or regular (nor will I ask for an additional...
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    MVS FS: WW 7, SLUGS X-3, Baseball 1 & 2, Aero 2 + MORE

    Prices include priority shipping within the USA. USA buyers: You can pay gift or regular payment--I'm cool with it either way and I don't insist on adding an additional % for regular payments. I will consider shipping international, but may request that payment be via gift in some...
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    EDIT: both are sold.
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    FS: AES games (NGDEV & Obscure/Rare) *TONS MORE ADDED 4/24*

    All games are complete unless otherwise stated. Paypal only (pp gift is nice, but not required in most cases and I don't insist on adding another 3-4% if you send a regular payment) All prices include USPS insured priority shipping within the USA. For international it depends on the...
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    FS: A Good Chunk of my MVS collection (USA)

    All original SNK mvs carts--no boots. Prices include shipping within the USA. Prefer to ship within the USA at this time. **SOLD**Aggressors of Dark Kombat (blue cart, replacement label) $45 Baseball Stars (black cart, English Label) $35 **SOLD**Baseball Stars 2 (black cart, English Label) $70...
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    Best. Convention. Ever. is next weekend at National Harbor. Who's going?
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    Looking for copies of these games in great condition. Region (if applicable) not important. Carlson
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    WANTED: FM TOWNS Marty Software

    Looking for the following titles: Viewpoint Tatsujin Oh Raiden Densetsu Kyukyoku Tiger Flying Shark Raxyanber All need to be complete with outer boxes or have spine card. Help! Carlson
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    FA: Boxed Bandai Japanese Vectrex System Package + loads of other rarites.

    Boxed Japanese vectrex with extra controller and 8 additional games (with overlays) Check out my other listings too. I have a ton of rare systems and promotional items on eBay right now...
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    FS: 14 Red Shock Boxes $90 shipped

    I found more shock boxes in my storage unit. Originally purchased about 8-9 years ago when they were first made available. $90 shipped to anywhere in the USA.
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    eBay: Supergun w/ Component out+TMNT jamma and RARE Outfoxies Jamma

    Super Gun with TMNT Jamma (plus 3 and 4 player joystick addon) Outfoxies Jamma
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    FA: My Entire Video Game Magazine Collection

    I have the entire series of VG & CE, and lots of other video game magazines from the golden era:
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    14 Shock Boxes (red 1st edition) $100 shipped

    14 red shock boxes from the original run that Big Bear did. $100 shipped within the USA.
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    FS: Red Shockbox $10 shipped

    US only, paypal gift. Shockbox is in great shape and never used. Carlson