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    I need help with port forwarding shipping? for a vewlix cabinet.

    Looking to also get a Vewlix, do you mind letting me know what you ended up buying?
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    Why do members continue to support Dion?

    Smug Scammer.
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    Kick-Ass 2

    Saw KA2 over the weekend. I quite enjoyed it.
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    Help me identify a screenshot

    Looks sort of like City Connection but with 3 players and a 90's sprite vibe.
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    Yo Dawg I heard you like F-zero, so I put an F-zero inside your F-zero

    Entire Fzero AX hidden in Fzero GX for GameCube and playable. That's amazing.
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    Playstation 4... Epic Win or Epic Fail??

    And that's why I support hacking of consoles. I can install XBLA and PSN games on their respective consoles without needing the online services when they are shutdown.
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    Resident Evil 1.5 build released

    Resident Evil 1.5 build released. See link below for more info.
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    Ni no Kuni (that Studio Ghibli/Level 5 PS3 game)

    Can you play the US version with Japanese Text?
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    Which gaming series has been the most inconsistent?

    I would have to say that X4 is also great. X5 and X6 well, those are truly questionable.
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    Advise on Ebay Transaction

    Thanks all for the advise. I will post results of the issue when it is all said and done.
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    Advise on Ebay Transaction

    He said he shipped it back and provided me a tracking number, in the same email he claimed the glass game off.
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    Advise on Ebay Transaction

    Yes it was insured. When you say file a claim you mean with ebay or the shipping company?
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    Advise on Ebay Transaction

    Long story short my wife put up her iPad 2 for sell on Ebay. Unit was working 100% and in near mint condition. It was purchased and shipped the next morning. The buyer received the unit today and said that the glass came off of the unit when he received it and has already shipped it back to me...
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    Hyrule Historia (US version) listing on Amazon

    Digital? Will there be a digital version? As much as I like real books I like to not horde stuff more than real books. ;)
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    Looking for help....Random PC question...

    If you have Windows XP 32-bit 3GB is your max. update to a 64-bit OS to address more RAM. What your seeing is most likely an aging hard drive which is what is read at boot (thats why its slow). Once your booted most of the OS is in Ram which of course is much faster the a hard dive. This is...
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    Google's Nexus 7 Android tablet

    Damn it no uSD slot? Why? This is one of the things I liked about Android vs I-devcies. The push to cloud services is surly the cause, no? I travel quite a bit and 16GB is not enough storage.
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    Holy crap! I have been a member for 10 years!

    Stampy Thing Whoops never mind.
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    Playstation 4 / Orbis discussion and speculation

    I was just about to say the same thing. This is why we need to have backups of the ISOS/ROMS and hacked consoles or emulators. Im not into piracy but sometimes hacking has some positive benefits that gives us some control over the stuff we "own".
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    Damn, 30 days away from 10 years here

    How come I don't get a 10 Year pic over my avatar?
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    Japanese train super-chimp

    Wrong thread. Interesting otherwise.