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    WTB: Final Fantasy Legend II Sealed or CIB

    I'd like it mint as possible, will pay accordingly. Sunsoft version fine. hmu ❤️
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    FT/NFS: Halo WATA 9.0

    If anyone has something nice Nintendo related. Let's talk. Would LOVE: - Mischief Makers 8.5 or higher - Final Fantasy Legend II (Sunsoft is fine) - Final Fantasy II CIB 8.0 or higher there's quite a bit more. hmu on Instagram, Twitter or whatever @scaryhours
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    WTB: Any cheap shit working MVS cart.

    Please lmk. Need to test something.
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    I'll buy you solve this issue.

    The eBay app WILL NOT work on my wifi. it stopped working yesterday out of nowhere, I did a firmware update and that did nothing. Went down the usual check list. I cannot access the eBay app with wifi. Any ideas? Nighthawk 8000 did a factory reset, when it came online, the eBay app worked...
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games
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    WTB: Switch Games.

    Anyone have a decent collection they're trying to dump? Any doubles? Anything good you think I should own? PM me.
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    Daft Punk is no more.

    I sobbed watching "Epilogue" today. Coming off the heels of finishing the Mandalorian.
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    Fuck $GME - $DOGE is the meme of the century.

    Who got in on that run? HOLY FUCK. I'm up 270% since this morning. There's ridiculous volume. Be careful.
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    Biden is about to get the triple crown in Georgia

    Trump is recounting again
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    Post "MAGA"

    Donald Trump inflicted a lot of pain upon this country. I voted for him in 2016 because I really thought this guy was going to get in office and do great things. I mean, why would he ruin his reputation the way he did? Then he starts spewing the bullshit about the left not condemning "radical...
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    Question and opinion please regarding my health.

    A few members here know - but I've been having digestive issues for 5 years. Within the last 6 months it got worse. Now I had to see a specialist and I'm worried about the big "C". He ruled out Crohn's so far. UC is plausibe. Sonogram negative. I lost a TON of weight and look sick. I...
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    Bootleg Progear boot up time?

    I've had this game for 11 years now - never an issue. Powered it up last week for the first time in a year, it worked. Unplugged it from the cab today, tested another game and plugged it back in. The screen stays black for a minute then the game just boots. Can I fix this? Pitch it? Buy a...
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    Trump Has COVID-19.

    I'm happy.
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    Dabs. What do I need to buy? How do I do them?

    Ok, for the recreational/medical cannabis crowd: How do I do dabs? I have access to crumble, shatter and wax. What's the difference? What's the best electric tabletop unit for the money? I don't combust my marijuana's. I want to do all this tomorrow. Poppy? Kern don't smoke no more...
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    Alien Sex and HDC

    I mean, our president had a press conference regarding that viral video of "doctors" speaking of the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine. It's been discredited and debunked by science. Yet, here we fucking are: I've argued with people whom I...
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    Happy 4th!

    Hope you guys have a fun and safe holiday!
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    Trump makes Juneteenth “very famous” MAGALOIDS are eating it up.
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    Coward motherfucker. I apologize for not waking the fuck up and seeing what was really happening in this country. Holy shit was I on the wrong side of history.
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    FT: Muchi Muchi Pork + Battle Garegga PCB's

    Looking for Mushihimesama, Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 or BL, ESP Galuda 2 and DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu 1.5.
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    Mario Maker - Anyone Still Play?

    I've gotten into this pretty heavy, and most of my courses have yet to be beaten. Wondering if anyone still plays and what your username is.