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    Resident Evil 1.5 build released

    Resident Evil 1.5 build released. See link below for more info.
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    Advise on Ebay Transaction

    Long story short my wife put up her iPad 2 for sell on Ebay. Unit was working 100% and in near mint condition. It was purchased and shipped the next morning. The buyer received the unit today and said that the glass came off of the unit when he received it and has already shipped it back to me...
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    Apple Developers Lic.

    Anyone have an Apple Developers Lic? I am needing the Apple HTTP Live streaming tools. Can anyone here help me out with that? Link to the tools.
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    LCD's 120hz and motion blur

    Well after 5 years my Sony 34" CRT HD set was showing its age and hesitating to start all the time, which could be very frustrating. I would have try for 20 minutes at a time hitting the power button on and off until I got lucky. I figured it was time for a new set. I picked up a 40" Samsung...
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    Chinese handheld?

    Looks pretty cool if it can play all those Emu's at fullspeed.
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    Where can I get an episode of 天国からの手紙?

    Where can I get a torrent or a download for 天国からの手紙? It is a Japanese TV show dealing with ghost. Can anyone help?
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    Xbox 360 Premium, 6 games and 2 Wireless controlls $500 shipped

    I have a Premium Xbox 360 system with all the hookups and two wireless controllers with the following games. 1. Gears of War 2. Dead or Alive 4 3. Kameo 4. Perfect Dark Zero 5. Burnout Revenge 6. Ridge Racer 6 Asking for $500 shipped (in the US) I am accepting papal as the only payment type.
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    AES System with Stereo and S-Video Mod $110 Shipped (USA)

    I have a NGH system for sale. The system has been a S-video and Stereo Mod. Serial # 067162 This is the System Only. In other words no controllers, no AC Adapter, no Cables. Just the System itself. Asking for $100 shipped in the U.S. Paypal only please.
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    Any new news about PS3 BC?

    Is there any new news on how backward compatability will play out on the PS3? They are some PS2 games I am holding out on just in case I can play them at 1080p on the PS3.
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    Only 100,000 in Japan and 400,000 in the U.S. on PS3 Launch date.

    Start your preordering. "But far fewer machines will be available for the launch dates in Japan and the U.S. because of the production problem, Kutaragi said. In the U.S., about 400,000 PlayStation 3...
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    360 Hyper Fighting Update.

    Fixed my timeout problem when doing seaches for quick matches. Dont know what else it fixed. BTW it also resets your score.
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    Finally have some time to rewire my entertainment system and....

    I know I have asked this question before, but I am finaly getting around to actually buying the converters and cables to get this going now that I have more time on my hands at home. O.K. here is the deal. I want the best video signal out of my Sega Saturn. I have a Sony 34" CRT HDTV. I wnat to...
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    Mega Man ZX Looks amazing.

    Enough said. :drool_2: :buttrock:
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    Xyanide: New Shooter on Xbox

    Here i ssome info with some vids of Xyanide. Looks pretty cool with an odd targeting system.
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    73% of Japan want Wii only 16% want PS3? According to the poll and all the problems Sony has had with the PS3 I belive that the PS3 will not be nowhere newar as sucessful as the PS2. Apart from this poll they have had a weak E3, graphics almost the same...
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    PS3 Region free so what about PS2 games?

    Seeing that the PS3 is said to be region free does anyone know if PS2 games will be region dependant to play on the PS3? In other words can I play my Japanese PS2 games on a US PS3? Anyone have any info on this?
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    Best possible video quality out of the Sega Saturn for a HDTV?

    Well I was playing my Saturn today and noticed how god awful the video quality looks next to newer game systems. I have all my new systems hooked up via component and the Saturn via S-video. I know that a lot of people do not like the filtering that emulators offer and such, but I am not one of...
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    Real life Ridge Racer car..........Raggio

    What can I say if I was rich I would buy one for the hell of it. That is a one of a kind. Rally-X decal :buttrock: Link to IGN. :
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    360 Blue Dragon Trailer.

    Pretty cool. Looks like they tried to use the style of old 8 and 16 bit RPG's. Link to the vid.
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    Java programmin help. Very basic problem.

    Can anyone give me an example of how to change the font for one string in Java? Any example code would be greatly helpful.