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  1. Violent Ryo

    Neo Geo titles coming to PS4 Arcade Archives

    I totally agree. I really liked the NeoGeo Station and was hoping the PS4 would continue it or make it available on the PS4 store..
  2. Violent Ryo

    SNK soundtracks are now available on iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon, & Spotifiy.

    AOF 1! NO WAY! My favorite SNK soundtrack! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Violent Ryo

    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    Hi guys, it's been a while. Lurked now and then but life just got too busy to stay active on forums for me. Anyway, holy shit 62 pages. What's the general concensus here of the game? I'm sure the NG purists hate it... Me? I don't LOVE it, but there hasn't been a new SNK game in a while so I...
  4. Violent Ryo

    WTB: SNK vs Capcom Chaos PS2 Fighter Stick

    Looking for the Playstation 2 SvC: Chaos Fighter Stick. More interested in the SNK (blue) version as I already have the Capcom (white) version. I am more interested in the free gifts that came with the stick. A calender and a cell phone strap ( lanyard ). If you just want to sell either...
  5. Violent Ryo

    NeoGeo Station Sale on PSN

    The 50% off sale is going to end in the next couple days so those that havent bought yet but want to, time is almost over. I am so happy with my purchase, if Neo games are chocolate cake, this NeoGeo Station Neo games are delicious icing on the chocolate cake. Here is a helpful link...
  6. Violent Ryo

    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    I know man, but well just have to wait and see and im genuinely curious about this and the price isn't too bad
  7. Violent Ryo

    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    Definitely picking this up regardless of the skepticism. Neo Geo products don't get released often.
  8. Violent Ryo

    NeoGeo Station Sale on PSN
  9. Violent Ryo

    New SNK Handheld [Official...believe it or not]

    NeoGeo Pocket 2... please God, let it be real...
  10. Violent Ryo

    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    Holy shit, ART OF FIGHTING MR. KARATE!!!! so fucking epic If you have Ryo, AOF Mr. K, and Robert to back you up, how the f can you loose? ps: thanks for the info k'127
  11. Violent Ryo

    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    The game's music to me is more to listen to by itself than accompany a pulse pounding battle, my preference for AOF background is more like KOF 98, 2002 and i guess 2003 and of course the original masterpiece, first stage of AOF 1 fighting Todo, you can access that bgm by picking Kasumi in KOF...
  12. Violent Ryo

    Takashi Nishiyama 1UP interview.

    Such an epic interview. This man shaped my childhood and afterwards with games such as Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, Art of Fighting, Moon Patrol, Fatal Fury, Capcom vs SNK series, Sonic Advance, Kung Fu Master, King of Fighters!!! Another big screw up in the interview by the interviewer...
  13. Violent Ryo

    WTB: KOF XIII Japan Console Iori Bonus Invitation Envelope

    Yes, that was the bonus for the Japanese version of the game. The Japanese cover does not mention there is a code however the Asia version says the code is inside on the cover but its not the envelope just the card. If you are looking for the card as well, I would contact Play Asia and ask...
  14. Violent Ryo

    WTB: KOF XIII Japan Console Iori Bonus Invitation Envelope

    WTB or trade according an unused Iori DLC code for Xbox 360 for the KOF Mini Invitation Envelope containing the Iori DLC Code seen here: Valid code isn't necessary Thanks.
  15. Violent Ryo

    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    Been busy playing, it sure is a blast learning a new KOF game, all timings are like new and different and it feels great. Yeah Spinmaster, the AOF team rocks, i just love Ryo's Kou'ken, it has never been more effective and fun to use..AHHH Was very impressed with the presentation and the way...
  16. Violent Ryo

    KOF XIII is a very important point in SNKP's future

    I have to agree, this game is incredible. But i still feel it could have been better, however still a superior fighting game. I was really impressed by SNK Playmore when XI rolled out. The game was so polished and incredibly fun and varied that I thought no other KOF could top it. And now i...
  17. Violent Ryo

    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    Haven't recieved my copy since I went for Asia version, but it's good to see so many good reviews and impressions. So good, KOF is sold out at several places including Play-Asia: If you are seeing Classic...
  18. Violent Ryo

    KOF 13 Feature & Review in 'NEO' (UK) Mag.

    Beautiful article. Excellent coverage for KOF. Too bad nothing like this in the US yet. Hopefully we will see more KOF 13 features.
  19. Violent Ryo

    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    Checking back in after a while to say just pre-ordered the game. NGBC's online was good, so i have hopes for KOFXIII's 'netcode'. Everything else looks fantastic, can't wait for offline matches, Spamming EX's, Mission Mode and Color Edit Mode. ^_^