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  1. Sllick50

    Sonic The Hedgehog For 360....

    Is one of the biggest pieces of crap I ever played. My girlfriend got it for me a while back. She had a couple things right, I like sonic the hedgehog, I like 360. I played it once and hated it. Then today I got bored and figured I would give it a real chance. The controls and camera angles just...
  2. Sllick50

    Can anyone tell me what this nintendo PCB is?

    I bought a castlevania VS pcb and he threw in a couple extras, one says hogans alley on it. The other one is unlabled it has a sticker that says M-035246 and the board says MDS-04-CPU. I dont have a cab to test it out in yet. Just curious
  3. Sllick50

    Weird screen problem..more of an annoyance.

    I have a wall mounted 42" plasma. I ran the cables through the wall and under my house to my surround sound, dvd, xbox, ipod, ps2, and everything through a HD selector box for a really clean look. At first I was using individual 50' coaxial cables with rca ends for the display. But I started...
  4. Sllick50

    Xbox 360 Gamer Scores

    I play my 360 quite a bit casualy. My Gamer score is abot 5000 now. But my friends and other people i know have score of like 15,000 17,000 shit like that Not trying to start a pissing contest or anything just curious how high other members gamer scores are. I just can't find enough games that I...
  5. Sllick50

    Selling my dreamcast lot. Everything is in great shape. The case mod alone was pretty expencive. I would be willing to do some partial trading for 360 games. Theres alot of watchers but know one has bid...
  6. Sllick50

    Lost the key to my marquee.

    Yeah I lost all my keys a couple months back and had back ups of most of them. I did not realize till i went to open the marquee today that the key to that lock was on the ring as well. It is a big red 4-slot mvs cab serial# 22793 So my questions are: Are these keys universal or all different...
  7. Sllick50

    Fans of GWAR or Guitar hero Check this out!

    My buddy Bryson just finished his Gwar guitar hero guitar.
  8. Sllick50

    WTB: MVS carts

    Just sold the AES collection looking to bump the mvs collection up a bit, here's a list of MVS titles i am looking for, US carts preferably with marquee: Nightmare in the dark Breakers Breakers Revenge Magician Lord(FOUND) Bomberman Strikers 1945 Cyber Lip(FOUND) Sengoku 2 Galaxy Fight(FOUND)...
  9. Sllick50

    What do you think? Boot?

    What do you think is this copy of Twinkle star sprites a boot or not?
  10. Sllick50

    adrianjf is the man! Check this.

    He still has to clear coat but just a couple days and a couple pics and he came up with this to dress up my big red cab.
  11. Sllick50

    R.E.I. AES console and alot of games, MS3, SVC, more

    I am looking to sell my AES collection, not the easiest decision I have ever made but I have a large MVS collection, a cab and a cosolized MVS. I want to upgrade to get an atomiswave and a candy cab and some other expensive items and games so I'm gonna do a little downsizing. I know I don't have...
  12. Sllick50

    Shockbox trade

    I have 8 red shockboxes, does anyone want to trade for 8 black ones? Mine are in mint condition like brand new.
  13. Sllick50

    Coin door locks

    Where can i find new locks for the coin door on my mvs cab, it came with the marquee key but not the door, if someone has a couple extra locks w/ keys laying around or knows where they can be found shoot me and offer, or a link. Thanks
  14. Sllick50

    Free to a good home, or a bad one.

    I just put new joysticks in my cab thought these two would be of use to someone here. The red one is still pretty good and tight and the black one is as sloppy as they come, replaced both to have a matching set. First person who wants to give me 5 bucks to ship PM me...
  15. Sllick50

    Traded please delete

    I'm selling my doubles of the following games they are all 100% authentic SNK not conversions or freaked Metal slug 3 JP 1st run(Traded) Cart-mint Insert-mint book-mint case-mint $300 shipped Metal slug 4 US AES (Traded) cart-mint insert-mint book-mint case-mint $250 shipped Shipping...
  16. Sllick50

    MVS Cab\cart question can you help?

    I just got a copy of Metal slug 2 for my MVS 4-slot cab. I changed the games out and fired it up. MS2 was in slot 4 and i wanted to play it. When i cycled through to it it just went right back to the 1st game insted of the fourth, I took it out checked it, cleaned it put it back it in and turned...
  17. Sllick50

    Anybody here from Alaska

    I'm new to this forum, just wondering if there is anyone else from AK here?
  18. Sllick50

    Mini Marquees

    I need mini marquees for the following games: Puzzled Last Blade 2 Metal slug 3 Panic Bomber Windjammers Samurai Showdown (found) Samurai Showdown II Blazing Star KOF '98 Last Blade
  19. Sllick50

    Wanted MVS titles with MMs or full kits

    I am currently looking for these titles for my MVS cab. Would prefer to get them with the mini marquees. US only please. PM me or email THANKS Crossed Swords (Found) Puzzled would also like the US AES Home version (Found) Twinkle Star Sprites Metal Slug 2 (Found) Bust a...
  20. Sllick50

    MVS Monitor Woes in Alaska

    Hi I have a MVS 4 Slot I picked up a while ago, over time the picture color on the screen has become more and more blue and the right side of the screen has like a wavy smokey look going on. I read on othe posts that it may need a cap kit. This is my first arcade I am new to it, I have never...