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  1. Thierry Henry

    Terry Jones: Monty Python star dies aged 77 Always look on the bright side of death. R.I.P.
  2. Thierry Henry

    Sir Roger Moore dies aged 89 after short battle with cancer
  3. Thierry Henry

    Sony PVM or JVC BM

    I know fook all about any of these. Which would be the one to go for? So I've got a choice between a Sony PVM 1450QM, and a JVC BM-H1400PNA.
  4. Thierry Henry

    Spinmaster, boot or not?

    Doesn't match a few scans that I saw of the original, doesn't match scans of the bootleg that's out there either. What do I have here?
  5. Thierry Henry

    Metal Slug game issues with bootleg MV-1C board

    Hi all, First post here. Tried to post in that "Welcome to teh drama" thread, but it wouldn't allow me to start a new thread there. Something about lack of "privileges"/whatever. So I want to say "long-time lurker" but that would be lying. Truth is I had forgotten I had even registered for an...