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  1. Bill Kilgore

    Book club

    I'm scared to read books ever since i read Tolkiens Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit. Nothing will ever come close to these...
  2. Bill Kilgore

    Game prices here vs ebay

    May the waters color red by your blood.
  3. Bill Kilgore

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Once upon a time in Hollywood. Loved it, Di Caprio wielding a flamethrower. But damn Quentin Tarantino has some kind of dirty foot fetish. In most of his movies it can be quite subtle but he went all in with this one.
  4. Bill Kilgore

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Love me some 50's sometimes.
  5. Bill Kilgore

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Metal Slug X for it's chaotic gameplay shown as well as the iconic pronunciation of the letter "X". Last Blade 2 because it's just a work of art. Garou: MotW for it's storytelling. Blazing Star because it's got the ability to record previous playthroughs and show it in the attract mode.
  6. Bill Kilgore

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Hi Guys, it's been a few years. Last time i was super depressed, burnout, anxiety, ... I'm happy to say it's getting better, i quit my job at the courthouse after burnout. Stayed at home for a year, contemplating what kind of job i actually want. Now i'm working in nature areas, cutting grass...
  7. Bill Kilgore

    JAG starter Videogames Collection

    I was expecting to see Atari Jaguar games, nice collection tho!
  8. Bill Kilgore

    RIP Jedah Doma

    Condolences to everyone affected by this tragic loss.
  9. Bill Kilgore

    Favorite walking animation

    I Always thought Metal Slug (3) had some great walking animations. The zombie or mummie animations are very memorable and the crabs as well.
  10. Bill Kilgore

    Mai Shiranui beer in China

    How is the beer? I never drank any chinese beer before, Thai beer is pretty good though.
  11. Bill Kilgore

    Games You'll Never Get To Play Again

    Socom US Navyseals. First online multiplayer game for me. I remember the headsets and just being in awe that we could talk to the team ingame. First time i joined a clan as well, we even had meet ups because we lived so close to eachother (i have the dvd here somewhere). There was a couple in...
  12. Bill Kilgore

    How would you rank all King of Fighters games from best to worst?

    Seems like 97 is either way on top or down below, i gues it's a love or hate it game.
  13. Bill Kilgore

    keep your sad ass news to yourself

    Agreed, there should be a balance. Shared some sad ass stuff over here as well. I don't mind people sharing their sad stories. The bad part is that sometimes it gives them some sort of entitlement. We shouldn't get cought up in that, stay humble and let go of those big ego's. If it's just about...
  14. Bill Kilgore

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    via Imgflip Meme Generator They are forward thinking though, the Netherlands have legalised weed for a very long time already. Thanks dude, apreciate it!
  15. Bill Kilgore

    TK´s Living Room

    And now it's with someone who loves Neo Geo.
  16. Bill Kilgore

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I like how that Raging Justice looks like an early Genesis/Megadrive game.
  17. Bill Kilgore

    TK´s Living Room

    That looks awesome dude, any story as to how that mvs cabinet ended up in Europe?
  18. Bill Kilgore

    How would you rank all King of Fighters games from best to worst?

    Based on the ones i have currently: 95 97 99 01 94 95 and 97 are almost interchangeable depending on the mood i'm in. Definitely planning on buying 98 in the future.
  19. Bill Kilgore

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Bought these in the summer. Sonic 1-3 is now complete (not going to bother with the 3D one on the Megadrive). Happy i finally bought Strider. Alisia Dragoon is now one of my favorites on the Megadrive. Already had Time Crisis 2 and 3 is great as well. First Mega Man and Castlevania game for me...