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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Congrats! I missed out on one of these recently, and a conversion of shock troopers 2nd squad to AES.
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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake : The Thread

    Overall I love the look and the sound. So much filler it would have a foot long sub dropping side missions and poor dialogue left right and centre! Then again, how else are they meant to milk it for cash and make several more games linked in with it? I did enjoy the combat and about 70% of the...
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I recently re-watched The Dead Zone. It still stands up today, peak Walken, and he goes from gnelte to awkward and creepy very well. Several changes from the book, but the fill is great on its own merit.
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    Neo Geo UK Fanzine - New Earth

    Does Roomi count? Is there a specific thread for that sort of thing then?
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Thanks for your responses. I just meant that I was enjoying the game :) I am still giving Pulstar the time and respect it deserves.
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    The 1995 game selection - Your favorites?

    Haha I have been waiting a a little while for account approval. Although I have played Neo Geo in the past, I have recently really gotten into the games and system. It's a great distraction from work in this dark period we find ourselves in.
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    Neo Geo UK Fanzine - New Earth

    I apologise if that's how it has came across. It's difficult when you are new to a forum and seem to be getting judged and trolled in several threads. Like most others I am here to share my love for the Neo Geo. I think it best I just ignore those sort of comments going forward.
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    Dig's Ultimate Magical Drop 3 Technique

    This is my currently pick up and play game - loving it. This technique and information has just blown my mind, and I'm going to adopt it. Great post! Out of the above, which is your favourite/ go to character? I tend to lean towards World!
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    The 1995 game selection - Your favorites?

    Galaxy Fight really stands out for me, it's been my favourite for years. Great roster of characters, nice visuals, fun to play. I love Roomi, but on harder difficulties I find playing with Juri a lot easier because she is quicker. The sound track is fantastic as well, I still play it all the...
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    The Story of NEO GEO video

    I think that is the best way to make videos. Usually the most genuine videos come about when people are making things they want to see themselves. I enjoyed the video the OP put up. I found it informative, and not too much information to swallow to someone newly into NeoGeo.
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    Neo Geo UK Fanzine - New Earth

    Not at all, in this case my sentiments are genuine - I sell nothing and make no money online. I replied to one old relevant thread, and have asked genuine questions and responses in others. But I get that some people like to be elitist , precious, and have a right to their own opinion. New Earth...
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    Minimal NG MVS (digital) machines

    Hi BlackaneseNiNjA Thanks for your response and info :). That pinball machine looks great.
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    Minimal NG MVS (digital) machines

    You don't have personal experience then? ;) If I already had an AES, but did not want to fork out for a MVS machine, this fits on a desk and would therefore save space over an original MVS machine (which would be lovely in an ideal world). If the choice was AES or an MVS board, I wouldn't...
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    Minimal NG MVS (digital) machines

    Not technically a traditional arcade machine, but rather an emulator in a retro looking desktop arcade-looking box, from what I have seen. Does anyone have personal experience with these? It makes sense to get an AES, but for those that want a big arcade machine in the corner, this saves...
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Struggling with Pulstar, but enjoying Twinkle Star Sprites. I think it gets me.
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    Neo Geo UK Fanzine - New Earth

    I'm glad to see this was the thread that re-booted it all. I'm going back and re-reading all of Graham's old fanzines, and catching up on the more recent ones he has sent. Although now in my 30's, I have know Graham all my life, and he even bought me my first game console (Sega Saturn). I...
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    KOF 98 Combos

    This. It's almost as if most of my gaming friend contemporaries fear KOF, almost like it's some unseen thing lurking in the shadows. Oh wait, that's just Iori in a dress!
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    Remakes/Reboots You Want

    I would love to see a reboot of the Another Century's Episode series of games. Preferably with all mobile suits/ bots, as anything after 2 just got a bit pants.
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    Which 16 bit mortal kombat reigns supreme?

    This. I really enjoyed playing the Megadrive version back in the day. Although, I have found myself liking the cuter SNES version recently. The question is, is Scorpion my Waifu?