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  1. Plisken

    The people who won't let go

    I sold my boxed Neo console on ebay for £200 last week along with 2 of my 6 carts, raising another £90 was happy to have the money in the bank tbh. I love SNK and have kept my Neo Pocket and a handful of top games, the reason i lost interest in the Neo is that it's just that I have MOTW for...
  2. Plisken

    7th Anniversary of Clint Gorman's passing

    Oh man, i remember those days really well , especially in the chat room. what fun was had. I can't believe it's been 7 years already.
  3. Plisken

    My Friend was Killed in a Motorcycle Accident Tonight...

    sorry to hear about this, Mike.
  4. Plisken

    Alan Wake? more like Stephen King: The Game, amirite? [Merged]

    but that guy is a miserable fucking cretin who doesn't like anything , ever. see: every fucking video he's ever made. fucker doesn't deserve to play games!
  5. Plisken

    1000/1000 or Platinum trophies

    Makes you wonder if he's really getting any enjoyment out of those games, going by the date stamps, they are cained in 1-2 days and never touched again.I love going back to old games, hell it took 3 years for me to 1000 mass effect 1.
  6. Plisken

    1000/1000 or Platinum trophies

    nah it's not a bad game,but you can rinse all the g's in about 3 hours.
  7. Plisken

    1000/1000 or Platinum trophies

    A worrying amount. Condemned Condemned 2 Mass Effect Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Alone In The Dark Dead Space Borderlands Jericho Call Of Duty 2 Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2 Bioshock Batman: Arkham Asylum Wanted Terminator Salvation Hitman: Bloody Money Sega MegaDrive/Genesis...
  8. Plisken

    Alan Wake? more like Stephen King: The Game, amirite? [Merged]

    This game came out last week in the UK and i'm up to episode 5 out of 6 after around 10 hours, so it's not short by any means. It is absolutely incredible. The graphics are nothing short of stunning, the weather effects will make your jaw drop. Dripping with atmosphere, great action, and the...
  9. Plisken

    SNKP announces KOF XIII

    There's also the Aztec stage with the exact same worshipping spectators. It's just weird, do only clones go to see fighting tournaments? Fat Bloke stage, Fat Woman stage, Ethnic Minority Stage, Limey Stage. LOL
  10. Plisken

    Among others, Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum coming to XBLA being made
  11. Plisken

    what neo-geo games were released for the sega saturn.

    I Had RBFFS and RBFF and the load times were excellent with the RAM cart, far quicker than the PSX equivelents anyway. Fatal Fury 3 is a bad port however with crippling load times. Metal Slug + RAM is good, KOF '95 and '96 are fantastic with the cart and great extras and music too, '97 had some...
  12. Plisken

    Modern Warfare 2

    Got my KD up to 1.54 with 23000 kills to 15000 deaths. Trying to get 10K in front but it's a bloody hard slog - for every 5 good games i'll have 6 shit ones and be back to square one. The game hides lag exceptionally well and having a 4 bar connection makes all the difference in the world. I'm...
  13. Plisken

    Why has there never been a convention?

    maybe i could send you a picture to shit on to make up for it? :)
  14. Plisken

    Why has there never been a convention?

    I really would love to go and meet the wonderful crew, but i'm between jobs at the moment and have a £330/month mortgage to pay to boot, so i'm currently up shit creak.
  15. Plisken

    Favorite year for SNK & the Neo (1990-2000)

    1996 as well, it's hard to argue against it really. So many good neo games from all parties and the birth of Metal Slug, and when KoF really came into it's own, not to mention cult classics like Turf Masters & Kizuna Encounter. I'm also gonna personally say 2000, as it's my fave KoF and we got...
  16. Plisken

    Rumor: Ignition Entertainment Giving Up On SNKP? Atlus USA To Take Over?

    I genuinelly really like KoF XII, it's really fun to play and looks amazing, it's so goddamn bare bones though and as stated the netcode is terrible, out of 100 matches i've had about 15 really good games. I used the excuse 'it needed releasing or SNKP would be bankrupt' to justofy the 70%...
  17. Plisken

    Super Street Fighter IV is 'Rog

    hope it's better than regular SFIV - what a shitfest that game was, unlocking characters against the rubbish CPU was fucking tat. Not to mention the most uninspired lineup of characters, lack of supers and theatrical ultra tat. Will give Super a chance though, i mean Cody and Guy are one reason...
  18. Plisken


    Street Fighter AC (with 3s) came out for xbox in europe but not the PS2.
  19. Plisken

    Rate the Avatar above you game

    It's the guy from Hotel Dusk, trapped in an A-Ha video. 9/10
  20. Plisken

    Among others, Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum coming to XBLA

    looks like a solid port and nice to play a SNKP game i haven't played to death already. only played the PS2 version for a very short while due to the rubbish load times.