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  1. Dr Docking

    Did you get any cool stuff for Christmas?

    wow did I get an AWESOME trinket that has taken center stage in my house, It's the first thing people see! The base inscription means 'Meaty Penis' and the expression on the guys face just exudes 'take it' what a perfect addition to my collection!
  2. Dr Docking

    Disc Rot

    Dick rot is a really big problem here in West Korea, due to the humidity and lack of cleanliness it is an endemic part of penile life here. Probably why I have such a successful clinic after all. Oh... sorry I misread the thread title, you said 'disc' rot ah wow how did I make that mistake? so...
  3. Dr Docking

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    I went on a holiday with some of my staff to the Glorious Docking Park in West Korea, such a good time!
  4. Dr Docking

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    I'm a huge fan of the band Cockslappers Nation. Their hit track would have to be Southern Medusa on the album Slap It Out.
  5. Dr Docking

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Dr Docking checking in! You old lads might need a checkup at my clinic, especially THE MAN.
  6. Dr Docking

    Happy Birthday Dr. Docking

    Sylvie!!! I just got back from the illustrious Academy of Cock and managed to land a PhD in Cock Quadronics!! This takes me to 5 doctorates in my quest to make all of my patients dreams come true! So Sylvie when are you coming back to my clinic? I believe you're ready for an anal widening and...
  7. Dr Docking

    SSD Hard disks

    I have great prices available for my NEW Sexy Salty Dicks upgrade package for your penis! and what did you say? IS IT BETTER THAN THE OLD KIND? WELL YEAH!!
  8. Dr Docking

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Last I heard your wife holds on to your balls with a tight, vicious grip. She comes to my clinic a lot...
  9. Dr Docking

    Samurai Shodown Shockbox Gold Edition (Switch)

    Do you have a penis? from my medical records you don't, it was removed with your parents consent unfortunately. Considering your blah-de-blah above I think you should visit my clinic, you could see new things, smell new worlds, begin a new life!
  10. Dr Docking

    Discord Chat Channel... for

    At first I was excited, a Dicscord chat! Y'know a foreskin chatting app... but no such luck. This thread is shit.
  11. Dr Docking

    Progear - if you haven't played this it or something already!

    Only good, n00b of the year, n00b's know that. Progear? How about NOgear!
  12. Dr Docking

    Formal Impeachment Inquiry

    If you think about it a knob is kinda shaped like a peach but not even I could find trump's. Hell that's a procedure I just can't go ahead with, I can't fail I must always succeed.
  13. Dr Docking

    The struggle to not cash in on Neo Geo AES consoles and games..

    I have just completed a study on the effectiveness on selling one's collection and I've found a startling correlation, the less games you own the better your sex life is! Who'd have thought that without all these conversation starters and collectors pieces someone bringing a black light into...
  14. Dr Docking

    Biggest sony PVM

    I suggest you require a penis enlargement treatment, I have appointments available this week if need be, you can rest assured you won't behave badly on the internet like you just did. Oh hey KP! thanks for visiting last month! Hope the procedure went well you missed your last checkup.
  15. Dr Docking

    Phantasy Star Online 2 english closed beta test sign ups

    I suggest that Saner visit my clinic to have his penis removed, it will go unused.
  16. Dr Docking

    Code Vein demo is up! 2019 GOTY!

    Saner, please, you've missed 5 consecutive appointments now.... I can't fix you if you don't come.
  17. Dr Docking

    Mark of the Wolves: AES or MVS?

    When buying a game, being Italian, Spanish or French, you should consider, in order of priority: 1 - How your purchase will be viewed by the other autistic shelf queens online ie NGFL . Will you get enough likes and comments to reach climax? 2 - Can you flip this item for more than you...
  18. Dr Docking

    Mark of the Wolves: AES or MVS?

    If you were a 'magician' as you claim to be you'd have given yourself a massive cock so as to not have to hoard old video games as a substitute. Perhaps I can help you at my clinic? No doubt you'd have to sell your entire beloved collection to pay for the penis enlargement procedure but hey I...
  19. Dr Docking

    The King of Fighters... FOR GIRLS!

    These games are a hit in West Korea which isn't much of a surprise. Interestingly they decided to add me into their surprise roster after completing the game with max love points across all characters. Let's just say the game takes an interesting turn.
  20. Dr Docking

    Mark of the Wolves: AES or MVS?

    Greetings MagicianLord, The Doctor is here, investing in the homecart Neo Geos is a high risk high reward proposition. Your best bet is to buy them on ebay and from japanese online retailers. There is a possibility of receiving fakes, which is why you must ask for photos of the insert and...