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  1. Violent Ryo

    WTB: SNK vs Capcom Chaos PS2 Fighter Stick

    Looking for the Playstation 2 SvC: Chaos Fighter Stick. More interested in the SNK (blue) version as I already have the Capcom (white) version. I am more interested in the free gifts that came with the stick. A calender and a cell phone strap ( lanyard ). If you just want to sell either...
  2. Violent Ryo

    NeoGeo Station Sale on PSN
  3. Violent Ryo

    WTB: KOF XIII Japan Console Iori Bonus Invitation Envelope

    WTB or trade according an unused Iori DLC code for Xbox 360 for the KOF Mini Invitation Envelope containing the Iori DLC Code seen here: Valid code isn't necessary Thanks.
  4. Violent Ryo

    Involved w/ starting a new VideoGame Arcade, need help on coin-op game distributors/softwr

    I have to be a bit secretive at the request of the entrepenuer, but basically I am involved with him to setting up an Arcade on the upper side of East Coast. Will provide more specifics as things progress. I'm having some trouble finding coin op machine distributors, I've tried BMIGaming, and...
  5. Violent Ryo

    WTB: Flash Carts for Gameboy Advance GBA

    Looking for a reliable flash cart for my GBA SP.
  6. Violent Ryo

    WTB: Street Fighter IV Xbox 360

    Need a copy with manual for this game. $27.00 shipped?
  7. Violent Ryo

    KOF XII impressions - The KING is back in HD - Winner of best Fighting Game E3 2009

    Since the other thread went to shit, here is a fresh one discussing impressions of the King of Fighters XII: I am a competitive KOF player, so I think I have some say, even though I have not played it, I have seen enough high level matches to know this game is a WEENAH! Lound one! LEADEEEE...
  8. Violent Ryo

    Please help a tech noob (KOF XII Xbox 360 HDTV related)

    Well i always had the intent of getting a 360 because of the awesome variety in the Live Arcade, (plus it has 98 UM! brilliant game, running and dodging ultimate mode FTW!!!!!) But i just could not afford to buy a HDTV and then get the system itself and then pay for Live Arcade blah blah blah...
  9. Violent Ryo

    Arcades in Northern Virginia / Maryland?

    So I used to locate some in N VA and went to check out a couple leads. I found a mall arcade in the Springfield mall which was okay but only had Capcom vs SNK 1 with 4 buttons. That game is unplayable to me. I couldn't find the arcades listed in the Potomac Mall. So went and...
  10. Violent Ryo

    Any arcades in Pennsylvania?

    Going to be there for a while, and since its a more populated urban state than others, i figure there are some arcades? If you guys know any arcades in PA please post them up! Name, address, and notable games please. I am more interested in SNK fighters (KOF, AOF), SF 4 etc etc, and of course...
  11. Violent Ryo

    11.9.2007: Quake in San Francisco this Friday ??

    Been researching this lately, what do you guys think? I know it sounds crazy, but we will find out in a couple days.
  12. Violent Ryo

    Taking offers for Mushihime Sama PS2 import shooter

    Comes with everything, near mint condition. Post or PM me offers. Mushihimesama Stage 1 PS2
  13. Violent Ryo

    WTB: Nintendo DS Lite

    DS Lite, any color, preferrebly Onyx. Plz pm or post.
  14. Violent Ryo

    Imran Khan (ever heard of him? Well, CNN caught on..)

    I see this guy as bringing true revolutionary change for the better in Pakistan. And by revolutionary change I mean, to make Pakistan a genuine democracy that operates for the welfare of its people, in other words liberty and justice for all, not...
  15. Violent Ryo

    Interest Check: Brand new iPods (Shuffle 2nd Generation 1GB)

    Brand new factory sealed in the box. All other colors also available (Blue, Green, Pink, Black). $70 shipped.
  16. Violent Ryo

    Sell me an item in Castlevania : POR, I'm stuck!

    I almost finished with the game, having all but 3 quests to go, the other 2 are no problem, but I'm stuck with the Holy Appearace quest, where Charlotte has to be wearing 3 nun related things. I need the Nun's shoes. Somehow I got rid of it, I can't remember, but I've tried going online lately...
  17. Violent Ryo

    Ghost Rider Advance : Sleeper Hit??

    Looks like a lot of 2D fun to me. Gamespot likes it too. "Ghost Rider for the GBA is a visually intense, fun beat-'em-up that totally gets what the character is all about." Gorgeous!
  18. Violent Ryo

    Looking for Gameboy Micro

    Bundled with games I like would be cool too. Shoot me offers plz..
  19. Violent Ryo

    WTB: yet another DS Lite

    Looking for another DS Lite system, any color. Please make offers.
  20. Violent Ryo

    WTB: God Of War 2 PS2

    Hit me with offers, pms or replies. Looking for a reasonably priced copy of GOW 2.