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  1. Sllick50

    Wanted: Neo-Geo MVS 4 slot 4-25 Big Red Marquee Header

    I have a friend I sold my 4 slot to with an extra in perfect condition, I filled it with 4 Neo Geo Logo mini marquees. I could give a call and see if he will send it to me. He is not a collector. Has no use for it. Dave
  2. Sllick50

    WTB: MVS Samurai Showdown 2, Metal Slug X, Neo Turfmasters

    I have a complete Neo Turfmasters Complete Kit. Give me a PM if your interested. Dave
  3. Sllick50

    If you were stocking a 6 slot, which games would choose?

    Neo Turfmasters Metal Slug Last Blade Crossed Swords KOF 94 Bust A Move
  4. Sllick50

    best concerts you've ever been to

    Bob Dylan Social Distortion Morbid Angel DJ Shadow Deltron 3030 Tour Pouges Reunion NYC
  5. Sllick50


    I have the curse of the coffine Picture Disc LP. Have not seen it very often PM me if you are interested.
  6. Sllick50

    WTB: various psp games and capcom dpad thing

    I have a brand new copy of megaman x maverick unopened. PM me if your interested.
  7. Sllick50

    FS/FT: MVS Carts

    Bump for a great seller!:up:
  8. Sllick50

    Post your vinyl collections!

    Favorite 10 out of over 350 Demented Are Go - Orgasmic Nightmare (picture disc) DJ Shadow - Endtroducing Deltron 3030 Anti Nowhere Leauge - So What The Clash - Self Titled Gorilla - Too Much For Your Heart The Monsters - The Hunch Gwar - Scumdogs of the Universe (Red vinyl) The Band - Self...
  9. Sllick50

    catchiest songs ever

    Daydream Believer
  10. Sllick50

    Turntable question.(not DJ reltated)

    What kind of reciver are you using, and what kind of turntable?
  11. Sllick50

    Japhei "strikes": The Quintessential Ramblings of a Scamming Meth-head

    Can you really go to jail for disscusing arcade games?
  12. Sllick50

    360 rings of death and warranty?

    Whoa that worked? That is awesomely ghetto. I have had mine replaced on warrenty twice but I paid the extra $.
  13. Sllick50

    SoTN going to be released this Wednesday on XBLA

    I did not hear about this. I Cant wait!:buttrock:
  14. Sllick50

    Sonic The Hedgehog For 360....

    Is one of the biggest pieces of crap I ever played. My girlfriend got it for me a while back. She had a couple things right, I like sonic the hedgehog, I like 360. I played it once and hated it. Then today I got bored and figured I would give it a real chance. The controls and camera angles just...
  15. Sllick50

    Television noob needs help....

    What is your price range?
  16. Sllick50

    Can anyone tell me what this nintendo PCB is?

    I bought a castlevania VS pcb and he threw in a couple extras, one says hogans alley on it. The other one is unlabled it has a sticker that says M-035246 and the board says MDS-04-CPU. I dont have a cab to test it out in yet. Just curious
  17. Sllick50

    how did you guys get your cab?

    I bought my 4-slot from a airport resturaunt for 200 bucks.
  18. Sllick50

    Weird screen problem..more of an annoyance.

    I have a wall mounted 42" plasma. I ran the cables through the wall and under my house to my surround sound, dvd, xbox, ipod, ps2, and everything through a HD selector box for a really clean look. At first I was using individual 50' coaxial cables with rca ends for the display. But I started...
  19. Sllick50

    Television shows on DVD, suggestions?

    I have been watching Boston Legal on DVD this week. Not usually the kind of show i usually watch but James Spader and William Shatner are a very funny duo. All the other shows suggested here are great.
  20. Sllick50

    Can someone recommend some decent headphones that are under $50?

    No these ones but shop around you can get them cheaper.