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  1. mr_e

    The hardest NES game when you were a kid?

    A boy and his blob. Damn near impossible to beat without some sort of guidance.
  2. mr_e

    UPDATED: NAC Group Buy - Need your interest and info FAST

    Bunko. I'm out then. $550 is the top end of what I'd be willing to pay for one of these with a little driving. I was really hoping to get one to the states for around $300 and whatever shipping from the port is from there. ookitarepanda, if you ever decide to part with one of yours, let a...
  3. mr_e

    UPDATED: NAC Group Buy - Need your interest and info FAST

    Is this 550 delivered to my door? Or 550 to the storage unit and additional $$ to get it to my house?
  4. mr_e

    Another group buy coming together...

    I'll commit and throw cash into the trust right now if we can get cabs to MN at a reasonable price. New Astro City for me.
  5. mr_e

    DavidG: Facts, Speculation, and Possible Conclusions

    Wow! Two nigerian princesses and a russian in on the same scam?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This one is untouchable boys.
  6. mr_e

    New DavidG special - Jockey GP

    I'll agree and say it would be stupid to disclose that and implicate yourself in something much larger, if you had the whole picture. I'm not convinced you didn't have a pretty good idea that those games were fakes and you acted out of greed. But that doesn't really matter to me. Not my...
  7. mr_e

    New DavidG special - Jockey GP

    Sweet christ. You guys gotta lay off the statue. If it brings him joy, who gives a fuck how much he paid for it? It's his cash and he's getting his moneys worth. I find it's weird that no one has latched onto the large payment to an outside company paid by TonK on DavidG's behalf. David...
  8. mr_e

    New DavidG special - Jockey GP

    Wow. There is absolutely no credibility in the AES scene. What a fucking joke! So we have a guy(David G) making bootlegs, he scams multiple people out of thousands of dollars with the help of other supposedly "trusted" members of the scene. It comes out that these things are boots, and there...
  9. mr_e

    Money Puzzle Exchanger - so addictive!

    I'm a junkie for MPE. It's the perfect blend of thinking, speed and strategy. I can toss in one quarter, play for 15 minutes and walk away satisfied. Exactly what I want in an arcade game.
  10. mr_e

    hyperspin rigs

    I spent weeks building a hyperspin rig last summer. After 6 hours with that noisy fucker sitting in my garage, I went back to maximus. Hyperspin is too busy, and way too loud.
  11. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    So in case anyone else has been having issues getting the NGX controller to work with particular games/emulators( like the Type X games for example), the answer is to download and configure Xpadder. Map the controller buttons to keyboard buttons using that utility, and...
  12. mr_e

    Neo Geo X Controller: USB to PC?

    I've had success using it for MAME on a win7 ultimate x64 box. I cant get any of the Taito X2 games to recognize it though(except demon bride). The button map utility works fine, but in game I get nothing. I'd love to hear if anyone has a fix for this. Pretty much so the only reason I bought...
  13. mr_e Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Holy balls, I have a stack of MK3 hats in the garage. I'M GOING TO BE RICH!!!!
  14. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    I do not own an AES. Never even held an AES controller. I have a couple of cabs though and was sort of expecting to get a feel that was closer to those. More "solid" if you will. That hollow feeling this thing has drives me nuts. If that's how the AES controls feel, we can add that to the...
  15. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    Controller showed up today. Wow, this thing is shit. Rings like a bell in my hands when I play. Feels like it was made out of recycled 2liter bottles. The buttons are even loose. I dont think they could have made it any cheaper. I'm cracking this thing open and stuffing some old rags or...
  16. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    Has anyone tried jamming some Sanwa buttons into these sticks? Or are peeps just trying to replace springs in the existing?
  17. mr_e

    MV-1F Video RAM Error

    Aren't the ram chips surface mount?
  18. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    Saweeeeeeeeeet! I've been trying to find decent price and quality sticks for the desktop for a while now. Been holding off on the NGx sticks till more folks have had the chance to play with them for some time. The time has come. Quantity : 2 Checkout : NOW!
  19. mr_e

    NGX Controller $36.99 with free shipping from best buy

    These are just USB right? As in, I can grab a couple of these on the cheap and have decent enough arcade sticks for my gaming rig?
  20. mr_e


    What an intricate scam this whole thing is. It's like it was hand crafted with specific targets in mind, by a few people with intimate knowledge of the community. Real James bond shit.