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  1. leepantalone

    Southeast PA November 5th

    This sounds like fun. Count me in.
  2. leepantalone

    FS: MVS carts/kits

    Bump for a great seller!
  3. leepantalone

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    That is actually quite lovely. Thanks for the pic.
  4. leepantalone

    York PA Tourney and meet up

    I am here. There are a few others in the area as well. I am surprised all the Baltimore crew seem to have moved on.......
  5. leepantalone

    lool KOF 2000 US "High Altitude Edition"

    That's funny. When faced with the option to bring extra water, MRE's.... opt for the KOF2k US Home Cart. Old, but still funny.
  6. leepantalone

    York PA Tourney and meet up

    Well, with the response so far, perhaps I should plan on going to the meet up on the 22nd.....
  7. leepantalone

    120 in 1, Real Bout MVS, RB2 MVS, WH2J and WHP MVS

    Looking for loose carts or kits..... Send me a PM.
  8. leepantalone

    AES POW 3 Power Supply Question - Replacement

    Its definitely the 9V system.... the power supply says 10V. I am a bit concerned as the current supply hums when plugged in and gets quite warm. The bottom of the AES gets warm too which seems odd to me. Thought perhaps the 100V adapter was to blame.
  9. leepantalone

    AES POW 3 Power Supply Question - Replacement

    Just a quick question.... I have a high serial JP AES with a POW3 10V adapter. SN 164876 My question, will the supply in the Neo Store work with my system? I am trying to get away from using the 100V adapter that came with the system, and convert to a 120V adapter that puts out the right...
  10. leepantalone

    HDMI Mod Possible?

    Havent tried it. Will likely pick a converter up and see how the output is. Just wasn't sure if anything would be lost in the process...
  11. leepantalone

    HDMI Mod Possible?

    Did a quick search to see if there was anything on this.... didn't readily see anything. As analog connectors to TV's are being phased out, is there any possibility that a HDMI mod could be done on a Neo? Is anyone doing them presently? Is it possible to output a digital signal from the hardware?
  12. leepantalone

    FS: MVS carts/kits

    Payment sent!
  13. leepantalone

    Timeline arcade

    It is pretty cool. Right in the heart of Downtown Hanover PA. Numerous restaurants nearby.... anyone in Balto or Washington DC / NOVA interested?
  14. leepantalone

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Just started visiting back regularly... looks like many of the old guard are still here. Isn't as active as it used to be though..... still a great community. Feels like I never left.
  15. leepantalone

    FS: MVS carts/kits

    Sent a PM last night.....
  16. leepantalone

    Very 1st Arcade Game you ever played?

    Donkey Kong. Loved it. Just a nickel at the local Sears Surplus.
  17. leepantalone

    Timeline arcade

    Timeline is located in central PA. Baltimore is pretty close. Visited a few times, and it is a good venue with a good selection of games. Anybody been? Or interested in a small tourney there?
  18. leepantalone

    US Last Blade 2 home cart - the one with the ripped insert and no manual

    Congrats! Irrespective, it is a classic piece and a great game. If I find a US LB2 AES manual floating around, I will send it your way:lolz:
  19. leepantalone

    York PA Tourney and meet up

    Interested in hosting a mini tourney at my place, specifically for the Neo.... I live in the York PA area.... thinking sometime in early Nov. 40 min north of Baltimore. Had a tourney way back in 2003, and had a good turnout ~15 folks. Any interest from the community to attend?