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  1. Plisken

    Real Bout 2 Newcomers AES Minty McMint ends in 2 hours buy from me you lovable funsters!
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    KOF Neowave JP Xbox Release Date?

    Any japanese members here could help? I pre-ordered and paid for neowave from, when it had the ship date of Feb 23rd...that's come and gone and now the date is just 'March'...anyone here know the new release date, as i'd rathe rget the cheaper US version if it's slipped to the...
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    Hilarious Fatal Fury 3 commercial ahahahahaha.
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    UK : RB2 + Kizuna* Carts, KOF'99 CD

    Here on the bay i ship worldwide you loavble funsters thanks Plisken
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    Can anyone help tell me more about this? (Master System Related)

    While digging through a box of crap in the loft i came across the cart i bought a couple years ago, it's a master system game but labelled completely different to any i've seen before. front back guts (and for those wondering, it's standard screws so i didnt trash it opening it up) i'd...
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    Far Cry 360 - YES bloody great news, loved the xbox 1 version , one of the better games of last year
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    Uk Shell Neo Geo Pocket Games + More

    on the ebay thx
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    AES Carts - Real Bout Special , KOF 96 , Kizuna + others , MS2ND NGPC

    JPN Real Bout Special: Insert : 9/10 (slight crease on front cover can be seen when held up to light) Snaplock Case : 9/10 Cart : 10/10 Manual 9/10 In Baggy Pic: Price : £70 Shipped UK JPN King Of Fighters '96 Insert : 10/10 Snaplock Case...
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    NAM '1975 Discussion

    I forgot how fun this game really is - great graphics, twitch gamplay, awesome music! "YOUWILLDIE!" cut scene , not to mention how awesome the flamethrower is, you get a feeling of real power swinging it about. really nice game. I can get to Level 6 but get the shit kicked out of me when the...
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    Feedback Please!

    I know of done 6 more than 6 good deals here! Likewise, if i haven't left you feedback post here. Kind regards MIKE!
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    AOF 2 Book, Kizuna Homebrew Manual

    Needed: JAP AES Art Of Fighting 2 book. Long as all pages intact, not fussed about condition. I have a Kizuna Encounter conversion, and would like a book to go with it - don't worry i'm not out to scam anybody, i'd just like to make it look more complete. A link to a scanned book / homebrew...
  13. Plisken

    On the Bay : KOF 98 AES , OTHER AES + NGPC + NEOCD i will ship worldwide for users - sorry it's not in the description but i get dicked around a lot by non paying intl bidders,, you can use paypal to. help me fund the neo addiction! Mike ;)
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    New Style Stick?

    Any reason why they are overlooked in favour of the original? Are they worth owning as a spare/secondary pad? Please, Discuss!!! :)
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    WT: Fatal Fury ~ Double Impact DVD

    Region 1 pioneer release ; please pm me a price w/ shipping to the uk, i can paypal you. kind regards, Mike
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    Uk: Cheap Aes carts for Sale

    ALL MOVED to the Bay! Magician Lord Euro : Like New. Perfect Box, Manual in Bag, Pristine Cart, Unsmashed Tray. £23 Samurai Spirits Japan : Like New...
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    Metal Slug 4 Retrospective

    I seriously can't fathom why this game is so derided. It's probably my favourite in the series, closesly followed by the 1st one, and leagues ahead of the rediculously over-rated Metal Slug 3. For a game lambasted over it's apparent rehashing of levels, Slug 4 bought with it: 1/ Car Chases...
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    Why is Matrimelee so cheap compared to ROTD?

    I've seen Matrimelee numerous times going for under £100.. yet ROTD , i have always seen fetch at least £200 +++ depending on condition. I'd have thought matrimelee would be rarer considering it's a rather daft fighting game, but i disgress. Any ideas?
  19. Plisken

    PS1/DC 2D Games Inc In The Hunt, Xevious 3dg+, Ray Crisis, DC SF3:TS e.t.c on the bay i will ship worldwide for users - sorry it's not in the description but i get dicked around a lot by non paying intl bidders,, you can use paypal to. help me fund the neo addiction! Mike ;)
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    UK B/W Sam Sho 1 / Neo Cup 98 Never come across these in english before - any idea on rarity/ value? The sticker on Sam Sho seems to have been stuck directly over the japanese one - you can see some of the purple underneath.