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  1. RetroTechRewind

    Need someone with a cps3 superbios / multi cart to help

    Hey guys. Trying to revive a dead cps2 all in one board. But I don't have one of the multicarts to use with the tool Artemio made. So if someone has a cps3 setup with the superbios or multicart they could use to reprogram the flash roms, I'd be very greatful. I'm willing to pay you and cover...
  2. RetroTechRewind

    Need someone to replace a LSPCA2 chip for me

    As the title says. I'm on leave from work, and don't have access to my usual equipment. Anyone have a good enough station to replace one for me? I have the extra chip as well. Thanks gents.
  3. RetroTechRewind

    IC: Sega Dreamcast Kiosk

    The reason this is an Interest Check thread is because I honestly don't know what to ask for it, and don't know the actual value. So any input is appreciated. Not looking to gouge anyone, just want to give it a good home to someone who will really appreciate it. Hello everyone I've decided...
  4. RetroTechRewind

    WTS: MVS Boards, AES and CD Games, board repairs etc

    Rebooting from my old thread that I cannot update. I have a stack of MVS mainboards that I've repaired, that I'd like to hopefully pass on to new, loving homes. Paypal or trade only. I'll ship overseas, but you will have to pay actual shipping. No n00bs from Spain, France, or Italy for obvious...
  5. RetroTechRewind

    WTS/WTT: MVS boards and cabinet parts, board repair services

    Hello folks. I have a stack of MVS mainboards that I've repaired, that I'd like to hopefully pass on to new, loving homes. I'd prefer to trade for the loose MVS games I want (listed waaaaay at the bottom), but paypal works too. Prices don't include shipping, but I'll "bundle" it up when I get...
  6. RetroTechRewind

    4 Slot missing graphics

    Hello all. Wanted some possible insight with a problem i'm having. Bought a 4 slot on ebay that was listed as untested, so I assumed it was broken...and I was right. It had bad caps (replaced all of them), and a work ram error shown below. Since it was the second set of bits, replaced the...
  7. RetroTechRewind

    Twinkle Star Sprites boot

    Hello everyone. So I got a handful of games from the local game store, and some ended up being boots. Considering the price I paid, I'm not upset at all. I just want to play them honestly. Anyway, I got a boot of TSS, but it's not working properly, and was wondering if maybe the jumper...
  8. RetroTechRewind

    MV-2 with corroded traces "Backup Ram Error"

    Hello everyone. This is just a friendly reminder to replace the batteries in your boards. :glee: Also, was looking for some other opinions. I got this board for free from a friend of mine. Obviously the battery leaked all over the backup ram area. I've patched a number of traces, and replaced...
  9. RetroTechRewind

    HDMI encoder board for MVS/AES project

    Hey folks. So in my spare time, I've been working on making an HDMI encoder for use on Neo Geo hardware. I know what you're thinking. There's others out there that have already done it, or are already doing it. That's part of the reason for my post. I'd be interested in "joining forces" with...
  10. RetroTechRewind

    Interesting Metal Slug 2 boot

    So I opened up this cart today to clean the contacts, as I was getting some audio glitches. I found this inside. The black blobs over the chips scream bootleg to me, but it's on an SNK board? I'm assuming this was made from a cannibalized cart. But why slug 2? Also, there's a move set sticker...
  11. RetroTechRewind

    RetroTechRewind Neo Geo collection and other consoles!

    Hello all! I'm fairly new to this forum, and wanted to somewhat introduce myself. I've been collecting for years, but recently downsized (de-fluffed) my collection. I was on a few-year hiatus on major collecting back in college, but I've been at it full time for the past few years. I mostly...