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  1. sayitaintjonas

    Blast City Cabinet Interest Check (Charleston, SC)

    Oh my god, what am I thinking? I've sold all my cabs over the years, except my favorite, this Blast City. I haven't used it in several months since my Oculus Rift has been taking up my time. Now I need money to build a sim pit and I might just sell this guy. If you are interested, please let me...
  2. sayitaintjonas

    WTB - Blast City Access door and coin mech door

    Hey folks, long time no see :) I've got a Blast City Sega Bass Fishing conversion and one thing that has always bothered me are the holes in my access doors. I'd like a new main access door and coin bucket door with no holes. Anyone?
  3. sayitaintjonas

    WTB/WTT MVS-U4 Candy

    Hey guys. I live in South Carolina and would like to buy or trade for a SNK MVS-U4. I've always wanted one of these cabs and it would be nice to find one before I get out of the hobby all together. I have a nice Blast City I might be willing to trade or I can pay in cash. Please let me know if...
  4. sayitaintjonas

    Egret II for Sale and Jamma boards - Spartanburg, SC

    Hi! I haven't played this in a couple months, so it's time for it to go. The cabinet is in good condition and has new Sanwa buttons, joysticks, bubbletops, and reproduction control panel artwork. Below is a quick video walk around. sUhmt8oF0e0 I'm located in Spartanburg, SC and would like...
  5. sayitaintjonas

    3 Blast City Cabs in SC - $300 each

    Hey guys. I've got a friend who buys and sells at auctions and he's going out of business. He has 3 Blast City cabinets that are still setup for Sega Bass Fishing. He said they are missing their boards and he doesn't know how well the monitors work, but he wants $300 for each of them. I already...
  6. sayitaintjonas

    4 Slot Big Red Cab with 7 games - South Carolina

    I restored this 4 slot Neo Geo last year and haven't played it too much since. Turns out I like fixing these more than I like playing them. All new buttons New old stock control panel overlay Cleaned and painted 4 slot motherboard Added coin counter pcbs Installed light behind mini marquees...
  7. sayitaintjonas

    Naomi PCB, GDrom, MVS, Blast City loom

    I need money... So please buy my stuff Items ship from Spartanburg South Carolina Feel free to send me questions or offers Neo Turf Masters with shockbox - $70 shipped 3 Count Bout - $15 shipped Bust a Move - SOLD Samurai Showdown 3 - $25 shipped Naomi PCB with Dimm board, broken gdrom...
  8. sayitaintjonas

    Ibara, Progear, Mars Matrix, Garou, and More

    I'm looking to buy a project car and need some cash. So buy my stuff! Prices include shipping inside US. Don't like my prices? Make offers (unless they're really bad). Super Neo 29 - $500 local sell only More pics available on request :) Garou MOTW w/ shockbox - $90 Metal Slug 2 w/...
  9. sayitaintjonas

    WTB: GD-ROM JVS Power Cable Splitter

    I need to connect my GD-Rom to my Naomi and need one of these cables. I know they're sold at Segashed, but I'm hoping I can pick on up cheaper. Anyone have one or know where I can look? Thanks
  10. sayitaintjonas

    WTT Mars Matrix CPS2

    I just got Mars Matrix (blue board) and I'm not really a fan. Would anyone like to offer up some trades for it? I'm mainly interested in shmups atm, but I'll consider other games as well. Cave stuff would be awesome (I already have Progear and Ibara) Thanks!
  11. sayitaintjonas

    Recreating artwork on Super Neo. blasphemy?

    I ended up buying a Super Neo 29 this week for a pretty good price, but it definitely needs some work. I plan on repainting the control panel and all the yellowed plastic back to white. Looking at the control panel, you can see the original overlay has been replaced with a horrible pink...
  12. sayitaintjonas

    FS:CPS2, STV, Naomi, MVS, Mame, Egret CP, parts, and games

    Time for cleaning. All prices include shipping to the US, International folks can shoot me a PM with postal code and I'll send a price. Samurai Showdown 3 $25 3 Count Bout $15 Art of Fighting Sold Sega ST-V motherboard with Super Major League $55 Egret II Mahjong Control Panel $50...
  13. sayitaintjonas

    IC- Super Neo 29 Candy in South Carolina

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine has a Super Neo 29 Candy in his possession and was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it. He offered it to me, but I'm not a huge fan of the art work on these cabs. I'm going to go out and take a look at it in the next couple days and will be sure...
  14. sayitaintjonas

    Parting out a Blast City in South Carolina **Pictures Added**

    Well, it looks like the monitor for one of my Blast City cabs cannot be repaired without buying a new chassis and I don't really have the money to restore 2 Blast Cities at the moment. While posting about my cab, I've had several people request parts from it, but I would like to know if I can...
  15. sayitaintjonas

    WTB: Blast City Access Door

    I know this one is a long shot, but I would really like to have a Blast City access door that doesn't have any holes from the Bass Fishing support bracket or a bill acceptor. If anyone has one to sell or knows where I can get one, please let me know.
  16. sayitaintjonas

    Arcades in San Francisco?

    Hello everyone, I'm headed off to San Jose and San Francisco for a couple days on business next week and was wondering if there are any good arcades around. There aren't many here in South Carolina so I always try to visit them when I'm away. Thanks!
  17. sayitaintjonas

    Blast City Speaker Buzz

    Well, shortly after getting my new control panel installed on my Blast City, I've gone and messed up the speakers. When I turned on my cab this morning, I heard a buzz coming from the speakers instead of the game sound. I thought it might be the game, Strikers 1945, but the speakers buzz even...
  18. sayitaintjonas

    Homemade Wooden Candy Cab on BYOAC

    I was over at BYOAC and noticed a guy in Australia is building a candy cab from scratch. I like the overall idea and I think he did a good job with the control panel input box, but I'm not sure what to think about the overall look of it. Has anyone else seen this...
  19. sayitaintjonas

    WTB: Magic Drop 3 and Blazing Star (US)

    Please PM me and let me know how much you'd like for these games w/ shipping. Thanks!
  20. sayitaintjonas

    I just got another Blast City!

    I found a guy here in South Carolina that comes across Blast City cabinets on a semi regular basis and was able to pick one up yesterday during some trading. He normally leaves them as Sega Bass Fishing cabs or even worse, turns them into other games like Turkey Hunter and Buck Hunting :( I've...