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    Original label?

    indeed, those carts with xeroxed label and kit box were "commonly" available in Europe years ago. I have seen relabelled Real About Fatal Fury, Pulstar and Viewpoint "kits" like this over the years. For these last two games, the carts had an original Japanese label under the fake label.
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    I'm scanning my collection of Neo Geo Freak and Gamest magazines

    wow, that's really nice. Thanks for doing this ! :)
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    Most expensive pcb youve broken?

    Not really broken but ... when I started pcb repairs, I tried to desolder two RAM chips on a Sunset Riders pcb, which led to a large number of broken traces :spock: I fixed them with orange kinar wires, the pcb is still working well but looks like a Frankestein version of Sunset Siders, with...
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    yes I also noticed that purple box at some points.
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Kraut Buster received today. I only played the game in T mode for a short run but I am overall very pleased with the game so far. Graphics, animations, controls and music are all really nice. Lots of details everywhere. I did not notice any flickering or slowdown using the default settings, even...
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    From the NG:DEV website: "Status: all packages are packed shipping starts Monday 28th in several large waves sorted by world region. The shop system will automatically send out emails and you can also log in the shop and see the current status of your orders there."
  7. S Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    As far as I know, all Bang Progress carts have the same serial number (578), and Bang Progress kits have Band Bead artworks. Labels are non-holo, but I do not remember them as being photocopies. Like Concorde B. Star (relabeled Blazing Star), Bang Progress was supposedly distributed at some...
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    Capcom 1943 repair log

    really nice repair, especially the ROM patching part ! Thanks for posting this !
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    Lost Neo Geo Prototype FOUND, REVEALED & RELEASED : "DarkSeed"

    amazing find ! Congrats NTM.
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    Earlier build of Last Resort?

    nice find ! Based on the handwritten date and the typical SNK eprom labels, I would say that this is an early build of the game, probably used for promotion or testing purposes.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got this snk candy cab recently. I still have to find a suitable CPO, but I really really like this cab !
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    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    All common carts, except for Ninja Commando which is getting very hard to come by, at least, here, in Europe. But they are priced very nicely so you should buy them all.
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    Bootleg Gallery (Pic Heavy)

    I had never seen a bootleg Neo Turf Masters MVS cart before... Thanks for posting those pictures !
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    awesome mod ! I wish I could try it.
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    The Market Purge - ROT Style... Starts post 944.

    Hi, I would also like to get access to the Market place, if possible. I have been away from the board for some time but I used to sell/buy mvs carts here, and I have always been a good seller and buyer. At least, I think people have always been happy with the purchases they made from me. My...
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    Limenko Power System 2

    Hi, I would recommend Legend of Heroes which is a decent Beat 'em up. Not easy to find however.
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    Connect Sync Strike directly to Modern PC Monitor?

    Hi, I am also looking for an suitable option to build a Jamma test rig, based on a mini LCD monitor. The Gonbo GBS8200 seems like an option. As already mentioned above, I would also recommend Micomsoft options, such as the XSelect D4 unit.
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    Here come the AES Schematics

    nice ! Thanks for sharing !