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  1. firebomber

    Do You Guys Do Martial Arts ???

    I'm 1st dan in Judo. Been doing Brazilian Ju-jitsu for about a year now too.
  2. firebomber

    Anyone else here think that Guilty

    It's quite hard to get into this game at a competitive level. If you can get that far into the game though, you'll find that it's one of the deepest and most rewarding fighters out there. Lots of variety between the characters as well. The game has a strong competitive scene and is great to...
  3. firebomber

    Had my first Brazilian Ju Jitsu lesson last night

    I'm a judo player and I only did BJJ for a little while but I know how you feel. A lot of the groundwork in judo is the same as BJJ. It's always tons of fun. Keep it up, it only gets better.
  4. firebomber

    Are games that cheap in Japan?

    You can find good deals on used stuff. New games on the other hand cost more than they do in the States.
  5. firebomber

    When your friends get married... *sigh*

    My best friend since 1st grade got into a serious relationship with his girlfriend a while ago and when they got engaged and it pretty much dissolved our friendship. At first he just couldn't hang out as much and I was fine with that but eventually he just started ignoring everybody except her...
  6. firebomber

    Anyone getting Guilty Gear: XX Slash for PStwo

    Don't know how to feel about the new missions. They were about a million times easier to complete than #R. I wish they would've put some extra ones in that were harder. No problems with the port so it's all good. And it's not like Sol is hurting for having lost the dust loop. He's quite a bit...
  7. firebomber

    Final Fantasy XII potion drinks

    Had a couple and thought they tasted okay. Like some sort of condensed fruit juice. They smell absolutely terrible though.
  8. firebomber

    Consensus favorite gamer mag?

    Arcadia is my favorite seeing as I really only play fighting games these days. But when I'm in the states I read EGM from time to time.
  9. firebomber

    Melty Blood - Act Cadenza coming to PS2 NOT DC

    Good news. Here's hoping that it doesn't take forever to get released. PS2 version was to be expected really.
  10. firebomber

    Guilty Gear XX Slash Hitting PS2 next year!

    I'm always around lurking. Just lost the desire to post a lot I guess, but I could never leave this lovely site.
  11. firebomber

    Guilty Gear XX Slash Hitting PS2 next year!

    The game is nowhere near broken. In fact its one of the most balanced fighters out there (as of #reload, slash should be even more balanced). If it was broken it wouldn't have one of the largest tournament followings for a fighter in in the world.
  12. firebomber

    New Mas Mini Stick-I think I'm disappointed

    The rap uses a sanwa stick and hori buttons. Only the special edition/addition versions had sanwa/seimitsu buttons. But it's not like the hori buttons are horrible or anything.
  13. firebomber

    Who here does/did martial arts?

    Judo and BJJ along with limited Sambo stuff (mostly gripping/grip fighting).
  14. firebomber

    Melty Blood: Act Cadenza $1850.00 USD!!!

    I played Act Cadenza when I was in japan and got hooked. Now I play ReAct a lot. I couldn't care less if it's fanmade based on some dating game. It's fun and is very different from any fighter currently in competition. There's a lot that makes it unique. It's not just some hacked together POS...
  15. firebomber

    King of Fighters 2003

    The peck is one of the best moves in the game. Always nice to see peoples reactions when you do crazy shit with it like stop a buster wolf cold or peck through fireballs.
  16. firebomber

    Match Vids

    There are some good KOF98 matches up on right now. Nothing spectacular but there is a rather good EX player in them, which is something you don't see often.
  17. firebomber

    Is this combo possible for Ash in '03

    Yes it's possible but the timing is rediculously strict. It's very hard to let the person fall far enough down to let the d_ u+K hit early enough to get a super cancel off.
  18. firebomber

    Let's make OUR own OFFICIAL tier list for '02 & '03

    Hinako does big damage with only 1 stock and has a great mix up game. She is one of the best at rushdown pressure in the game. She lacks a solid defense but with autoguard and her grabs she can get by. Also the fact that she dizzys and guard crushes so fast with her multi hit moves is a great...
  19. firebomber

    Let's make OUR own OFFICIAL tier list for '02 & '03

    You're right about Shen. I placed him top because of his sheer damage potential but unless he has meter he's not nearly as effective. His defense sucks I agree, but I think his offense makes up for it in most match ups. He should be at the top of mid tier though. Gato is probably the hardest...
  20. firebomber

    Either all native Japanese girls are messed up in the head or I found the wrong one.

    Fear the Kancho.... fear it. Anyway, as much as it sucks I'm going to have to go with the idea that her parents/family had a large influence on the situation. A lot of parents in Japan are very harsh about this type of thing. Considering they probably pay for her to be in American and have...