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    what i am doing wrong ?

    You need to work on your solder skills. You have cold solder joints. You apply solder to the pad, to the wire and then apply heat and solder them together with more solder. Sometimes due to the age of the board the pins on the 68k get dirty and you need to find something abrasive and clean them...
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    Bootleg cart sound issues

    Wow. Uh, ok. I would say the problem is one of the V roms. Ideally you should dump the rom and see if the crc match the original but they splited the v1 in 2 in order to make the bootleg and used one of those tsop adapters. You can split the v1 and burn the files yourself using two 27c160, but...
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    Bootleg cart sound issues

    Post some pictures of the cart. And what kind of sound issues? No sound? Glitched music? It could be related to the neo-pcm, neo-zmc, m1, v-roms.
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    MV1B stuck at crosshatch screen

    It seems I assumed right, but bridged two pins together because I'm stupid. The board is working now.
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    MV1B stuck at crosshatch screen

    I have this MV1B which i assumed had a bad NEO-BUF because it could not read any games (crosshatch screen when powered on). I ordered some NEO BUF replacement chips from Furrtek and replaced the stock one on the upper board. Unfortunately that did not solve the problem. I checked for continuity...
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    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    Does the MV1B use any of the stock caps in the stock sound area after using your mod? I'm asking because i accidentally fried the power amp in the sound section and if i can remove all the caps.
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    MV1B no sound after stereo mod

    I was moding this mv1b and didn't notice a blob of solder between the pins of the Power amp and powered it on. It had no sound so I installed the stereo mod by Mkl. Only after that that I noticed the blob of solder. I replaced the OP amp and the yamaha 3016 but still no sound. Does the stereo...
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    MV1C weird behavior: games with protection not working

    I'm having a weird problem with this MV1C. Some games refuse to work with it, specialy games with copy protection, Like Kof 2000, MEtal Slug X, Kof 98, etc. Multcarts like the 161 in 1 won't work either, it gets stuck on a black screen. Normal games without the protection works fine, like...
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    MVS games with problems

    If relowing the c roms on the World Heroes cart don't have any effect you can use the NEOGFX to open the c-roms and see which one contains the affected graphics and replace it with a new eprom (27c160).
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    Help with a Neo Geo repair

    Something is activating the dip 1. Go to the hardware test and press start until you get to the input test screen. See if the dip 1 is on. If the actual dip is off and it shows as it's on them you have a short somewhere. The jamma harness, in the board itself, if the supergun has a test button...
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    Kof 2001 garbled video

    It's a custom chip used to prevent piracy in games made post 99. Generally the games that use this type of chip are a little bit more tricky to fix. There's no substitute chip, other than use one off another board, and you can't burn one...
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    Kof 2001 garbled video

    Probably a bad Neo-CMC. Is every graphic affected or just the intro? What you can do is replace the Neo CMC or use a donor board and use a decrypted set.
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    MV-1C Neo Bios Masta VMC install possible Component missing need help

    Yes, I need to buy one of those. Sandpaper is too abrasive, even if it's finegrit. Is this one any good?
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    MV-1C Neo Bios Masta VMC install possible Component missing need help

    I had issues installing a Bios Masta before and i had to use a fine grit sandpaper to remove the corrosion on the m68000's pins. If you are getting a watchdog screen that could be the issue.
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    eprom for replace sm1

    I have a MV1fz with a NEC Eprom on ths SM1 slot, it uses a 27c301, you could try this one.
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    unibios on sop

    I think you are refering to this thread that I created: I woudn't bother, just use a Neo Bios Masta. If it's not disponible in his site you can order it from OSH park or download the gerber and order in...
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    Ironclad MVS Conversion Issues

    You can use NGFX to open the c-roms. I used it to identify wich c-roms were bad in my kof 95.
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    MVS capacitor desoldering

    Necro Bump. I have a similar solder station that OP have and I'm having the exact same problem with desoldering the caps, ground pads in special. Would a Hakko FX888d do the job? With a T18-d32 chisel Tip.
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    Garbled music tracks in gameplay and jukebox?

    Speaking of V-rom, is it possible to know which one is faulty before taking it off of the pcb? For example I have a game that has a bad Intro music and I know the code in the Neobios jukebox, 0x0745, and the game has 4 v-roms, is it possible to know in which v-rom the music is stored?
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    KOF 95 graphical glitches

    Just an update. Changed the Neo Zmc and the sound came back. The ground pad underneath was corroded too, but with continuity, but I patched it just to be sure. So if you change the m1 and still has no sound the problem must be the neo zmc. Thank you all for the help.