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  1. JockMan

    Book club

    Hello. This is not a troll post. I haven't read a good book in a long long while. I've just bought a kindle and it comes with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited, but I'm happy to buy some others ontop as a Xmas read. Anyone for some good book suggestions? I'm open to anything. Previously enjoyed...
  2. JockMan

    Safari bug or website glitch?

    Annoying ass thing is happening for the last day or so that now the front page chat box is getting confused with a log in box - even when you are already logged in. It’s only recently started doing this? I’m using safari on iPad / iPhone. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. JockMan

    Women's world cup 2019

    Anyone watching it? My wife does and occasionally I glance over when there's a goal about to happen. The standard is definately on the whole lower than the mens game, but some...
  4. JockMan

    Anyone play the lottery?

    I pay £5 a week for Euromillions one draw on Tuesday and Friday. I'm starting to think maybe I should just grow the fuck up and invest that money instead. Especially given that the odds of winning are smaller than that of Dr Docking ever getting a real medical degree. (Sorry Doc). But then...
  5. JockMan

    The Official Neo Geo Cookery exchange thread

    Hello boys and girls! There have been a lot of threads about reflection, pain, regret and growing up lately. As part of the forums rehabilitation process, I thought it might be lovely if we share our favourite recipes? No alternate agenda in this thread, just good old fashioned fun - like...
  6. JockMan

    Guy sues his parents for not giving him permission to be born

    Basically his argument is since life is so shit, he didn’t want to be born. Both his parents are lawyers, so I think he will lose
  7. JockMan

    Iceland are liars You guys said you would stop using palm oil in your products, but actually you just removed your logo from them instead? Shame on you Iceland. Shame.
  8. JockMan

    Predicting the crash of Neo Geo prices

    Some of you think that your treasured video games will keep going up and up in value! Others think it’s a bubble that’s going to pop once the core SNK generation have popped their clogs. Or perhaps gaming nerds will just sell their lumps of plastic for more useful stuff as they grow older...
  9. JockMan

    Pirates des Baie de Seine - La malédiction de la Coquille

    Vous êtes des canailles!
  10. JockMan

    Is ‘A Mecca for retro gamers’ offensive to Muslims?

    I have recently done cultural awareness training at work and my eyes have been opened. I think the site’s tag line ‘A Mecca for retro gamers’ could be deemed inappropriate to the Muslim community, since it implies the birthplace of Profit Mohammad is equivalent to old video games. When it...
  11. JockMan

    Looking for games that run on a piece of shit laptop?

    Hello forum. I've bought a '2nd' laptop as a cheap beater to take with me while travelling. I have a decent business laptop, but I probably shouldn't be using it for games, torrentz and prawn. Here's what I've ordered for the tiny sum of £140 ...
  12. JockMan

    Boot or not Boot?

    Hey guys! I’ve bought some new footwear from Roman Rock, on the assumption it’s a ‘boot’. But, on closer inspection it actually looks a bit too small to be a boot - and might actually be a shoe. Can you help me identify if this is a boot or not? Here is one next to my old boot for...
  13. JockMan

    Is this art? These paintings by a kid, look a lot like paintings by a kid to me. Yet they are selling for thousands to art snobs. Is the kid a genius, or are the parents for making people buy this crap?
  14. JockMan

    Nein! Meine Panzer Dragoon Saga ist hundekacke!

    Hello German Friends. As you can see from the title of this thread, my German language skills leave something to be desidered. I purchased this copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga from Germany...
  15. JockMan

    Unreal is free on GOG & Steam this week

  16. JockMan

    Review of the Zoo - A JockMan Special

    I've always wanted to post in the creative section, despite not actually having any talents. Thanks to the iPhone however, even a blind amputee can now become a semi-decent photographer, so I'm in with a chance. For this reason I have decided to share some of my special wildlife photos...
  17. JockMan

    Annoying bint reviews Neo Geo Pocket...

    ... but it's accidentially, hilariously bad. The start is particularly painful, like when she drinks water for no fucking reason. But about 6.30 minutes in she drops some real gold. "This much have been popular, but not as popular as the gameboy" "It definately looks like a Nintendo...
  18. JockMan

    My crown jewels

    SO some haters been saying I'm a fakemadman. It's not cool, I'm everybit as much a big tymer collector as anyone else here. And I can prove it. And so, I've decided to share my crown jewels with the rest of the world. I can guarentee that I am the only one on th3 forum with these rare items in...
  19. JockMan

    Interview with NeoSD on Eurogamer Nice read, also cool to see the plates used to press new NeoSD carts. Has a bit about Krizz as well.
  20. JockMan

    Retrogamesupply (sortof) working on replacement PSU for CD / CDZ

    This is not exactly recent news, but I can't see it being mentioned in an older thread. Basically he started work on it, got it working, decided it was overcomplicated for mass production and has delayed...