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    AES Checkerboard vs MVS picture

    hello fatalfury2a and everybody, there is a very easy and graphical tutorial for newbies to do the RGB Bypass on a 3.6 "cutted" (last weerk i have cut the three RGB traces following the mmmonkey well know tutorial but checkerboard effect stay ) mobo ????? the mod consist of "removing the 4...
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    low quality rgb output

    thank you for your quick advice! ... i have alreaday cut the 3 traces, but actually the very strange behavior is a "checkerboard" effect on all color displayed.... then SNK logo, too, at bootup it is not displayed as a clear "blue", but with a checkerboard effect... there are an easy tutorial on...
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    ciao a tutti!

    ciao grazieee
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    ciao a tutti, riuscite a vedere il mio post di presentazione? nessuno mi ha risposto... :crying: :crying:
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    ciao a tutti!

    ciao a tutti appassionati NEO-GEO! non sapendo dove potermi presentare, beh lo faccio (o rifaccio) qui! buona giornata!! abito a Bergamo, tra le valli... dove la NEO-GEO la potevamo sognare solo con il lanternino... altri di bergamo? ciaoooo
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    low quality rgb output

    good morning to everyone and nice to meet you! ...I hope you can help me with the problem I have ... I own an AES rev. 6 to which I made the RGB mod. that consists of cutting the three tracks on the PBC. despite this, the RGB output, both connected to a modern LCD and an old CRT, appears with...