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    AES Checkerboard vs MVS picture

    I have a revision 3-6 AES and have done the RGB trace mod as per MrMonkeys tutorial. This got rid of the nasty lines up and across the screem but the image is still not as good as my CMVS which do not show these blocks at all. I've tried to take a couple of pictures to show what i mean, the...
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    My Neo Family !

    Now i've finished my Neo Geo CD CMVS and recieved my Omega a couple of weeks ago thought i'd pop a couple of pictures up together with the AES all together. My CD CMVS has exactly the same picture quality as the Omega system and stereo sound, I've also tried to keep as much of the original unit...
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    WTB !!! Mint white PC Engine, no marks no yellow !

    Hi So I've just invested in a brand spanking new PC engine CDROM2 and interface (the neo certianly get you used to loosening the purse strings !) so in need of a mint white (preferably boxed) engine to go with it... can anyone help ??? Cheers Dave
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    D button

    Hi All seemed to be going well on the last stage of my consolization in a cd shell however have a problem when connecting the D button, it is acting as though is permanantly on, all other buttons are ok and have checked to make sure no pins are joined together with a multimeter. i have tried...
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    Consolization using Neo CD Controller Board

    OK, so finally got round to try and complete this.. Video, Power and sound all sorted so onto the final step of the controller board, I'm consolizing in a CD shell. Power going via the switch OK to all points on the controller board but having problems getting the controllers working, On the...
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    Consolizing in a CD Shell

    Hi Guys I'm new to the forum and finally after 20 years have gone Neo Geo mad and in the last week have bought an AES, a broken NGCD and a MV1C board which i'm just awaiting for in the post ! I'm consolizing the the MV1C in the CD shell and wanted to use the controller board for the joystick...