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    Neo Geo MVS Carts for sale New Kits & Carts Added 8-17-07

    PM Sent on a few things ^_^
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    Super Vegeta is a Thief

    I bought the Blazing Star kit he was selling on the boards. After not receiving anything and no communication I make a paypal complaint. After the complaint he finally responds and says he has another kit and will send it out to me. So I wait again. Still I receive nothing except an emailed...
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    delete no longer for sale

    No it's not a new fiance, the 2 of us reconciled. And I'm not saying you attacked me. I took your advice and posted what they looked like and then people just started flaming me. Instaed they should of made an offer or PM like most people do on other forums. Stellaking: I will do no such...
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    delete no longer for sale

    Exactly, no decent member would do that and he did it to me first. And shows how much you know. I've never been on this site before. I just found out about it from my fiance who also just joined. Damn video game nerds think they know everything. Well screw you virgin video game losers. I'll...
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    It's the: "Help me bounce back (financialy) from Cancer" Neo Sale. TONS OF FREEBIES!

    Wow pulling the sympathy card to get a sell. I guess some poeple don't belive in their product enough and have to make others feel bad for them. You see I to rarely speak up about things on others posts but since you felt the need to be a jerk to me you will get no sympathy from me. Although...
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    delete no longer for sale

    well everyones entitled to an opinion but mine is that this is a fair price. here is the pic that you suggested I take.
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    Doubles & unwanted MVS carts for sale *pics added*

    Pictures have been added
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    Doubles & unwanted MVS carts for sale *pics added*

    no longer for sale
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    Show them if you got them "Woody cabs"

    Ya he is super anal about stuff like that. Here's a pick of his car. That's what his car looks like and the car is 21 years old
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    Is it just me or has ebay become more rampant with buyer fraud?

    I've had that problem with overseas bidders. Problem is that paypal always finds in their favor because they can't confirm 99% of their shipping addresses. So under seller protection you get non if they are overseas. Pay[pal doesn't even tell them they have to ship your item back. I fixed that...
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    Blazing Star: What would you rate it?

    I'd rate it a 6 it doesn't have crap on giga wing2:smirk:
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    RATE IT : Metal Slug 4

    Sadly I have yet to play this one. I've only played 1,2,3,6 & X when I play it I'll be sure to vote
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    Show them if you got them "Woody cabs"

    Pick my fiance took of me playing the 4 slot he bought me. more pics up on friday of the new ones he bought. He bought another 4 slot, an Atomiswave game"Dolphin Blue" and an Asteriods Deluxe
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    WTB: Couple of MVS games

    I have a metal slug 1 and live close enough so you could pick it up if you like. $25 picked up or $32 shipped
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    delete no longer for sale

    no longer for sale
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    New Neo 6-Slot owner

    I'd like 2 candy cabs myself to house all of my puzzle games.
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    MVS Magician Lord Wanted

    I have it, make me an offer.
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    Pics of your local arcade!

    I'll get pics when I can but the best arcade by me is "Arcade Infinaty" It's an asian style arcade with a ton of candy cabinets. Also has all those Konami games like: DDR extreme DDR revolution Newest mixes of Guitar freaks & Drumania Para Para Paradise IIdx Pop'n Music and also has all the...
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    how did you guys get your cab?

    I just use my fiances. He gets me just about any game I want :D