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    WTB 2 Official Sony PS2 Controllers

    Anybody willing to part with two good working controllers? Had and issue with damn kids breaking mine over the weekend and im pretty pissed... Getting kinda hard to find original controllers with all the cheap knock offs that seem to be everywhere. I like the feel of the original and would...
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    Awesome Games Done Quick Tetris: The Grandmaster Credit Easter Egg

    Not sure if you guys are aware of this group AGDQ, but they always pull out the stops for amazing charity fundraiser they hold every year with awesome prizes, record setting runs and recordings. He manages to clear the end credits while everything is INVISIBLE! and manages get the second...
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    Rare Dreamcast Kiosk

    Happen to catch this pop up on my Youtube sub box. Kinda interesting not sure I remember Dreamcast kiosks but still interesting. Kiosk info starts at 1:20 /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fhyBlJza1ps
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    203 Copies Of Night Trap

    Yes you read that right, mostly complete boxes, manuals and full uncensored versions for the Sega CD Who wants one of these gems! :thevt: Only on Kotaku gentlemen.
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    Paradise Arcade Shop

    Anybody have an issues with them lately? tossed them a order for some buttons and 2 of them were the wrong ones. Contacted them on the 7th via email and an RMA request about getting correct ones and haven't heard anything. Not the end of the world I can always put another order in for the...
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    Stay MVS Or Convert To Jamma?

    I am currently at the point in my 4 slot restore working on the CPO and wiring harness. As of the moment the button and stick harness is just a mess and I want to clean it up. I originally planned on just making the P1 and P2, buying the 5x3 molex connecter and the wire but I think by the time...
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    Neo 4 Slot CPO P1+P2 Harnesses

    Been looking around for the Player 1 and Player 2 harnesses for awhile now and have come up with dead ends. Found a website from a guy who used to make them but that dried up. Anybody got any other leads on the 6 pin harness on the CPO side for P1 and P2? Thanks -EP
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    Property Purcase In Japan Reveals Old Arcade.

    Just happened to be browsing my Facebook and seen this posted on my wall. Treasure trove of an old arcade long forgotten.
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    EL Inverter Question

    Looking for some technical knowledge on EL panel and EL inverter. I know they do hum/buzz for the most part. But mine is getting fairly loud atm. How would one go to fully test the EL's and inverter to see if they are functioning properly, and are the inverters repairable? As of the moment I...
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    WTB: Ouya for shits and giggles.

    Tossing out a feeler if anybody is deciding on wanting to opt out of their Ouya. It may actually look good next to all my other consoles, plus I want to make my Gamecube jealous.
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    Looking For Arcade Op/Metal Slug Posters

    Throwing out a request for any Metal Slug posters. Kinda curious if anybody has any they wish to part with.
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    Mercenary Kings

    As of late I have been hitting up some of the Indie titles and managed to pick-up Mercenary Kings off of the Humble store when it was on-sale for $10. So far I am absolutely loving the crap out of this game. It reminds me of a mash-up of Metal Slug and Monster Hunter but stripped down to basic...
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    WTB: Baseball Stars 2 MVS

    I am looking for Baseball Stars 2 on MVS. Id like to get an English copy if I can. I would be looking to pay 80ish ideally, price is always negotiable. Toss me a PM if interested. Thanks, EP
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    BIGBEAR My New Overlord

    All hail my new overlord and master, BIGBEAR! Master Bear allowed me to graciously end my search for the elusive cart known as Magician Lord. Awesome guy and I really am appreciative he gave me a chance to add to my collection. All you guys here rock and I am glad to be here. This is for you,
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    WTB: Magician Lord MVS

    My search for the elusive Magician Lord MVS continues. I haven't found really anything for 3 months because it gets scooped up right quick. I need to scratch this itch and knock it off my bucket list. PM if interested.
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    Big Red Wiring Question

    When I purchased my big red it had small issue with ghetto wire job on the PSU/transformer. Got my new PSU from suzo happ to replace the original Peter Chou. It still works like a champ, I just wasn't comfortable with the wire job and was too lazy to fix it right now. Ill keep it as a spare and...
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    WTB Metal Slug 5, Bust-A-Move MVS Carts

    Been looking around for these carts and haven't found many leads as of late. I would be looking for MS5 at around $110ish (toss me a number), and BAM at $35-$37 shipped. US carts, non boots preferred. Transactions in USD and only in the states for now. Ill open to outside the states if nobody...
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    Coinop Express Inquiry

    Doing some searching and came across Anybody order anything from them? Tempted to place and order for few things, but something in my gut says they are sketchy. Looking for more info.
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    Mighty No.9 ROM Test Video

    I didn't see a thread on this and would like to hear some opinions on the matter. New news surfaced today of Inafune playing a ROM Test of Mighty No. 9 /watch?v=g_-3HPGNI7A&feature=player_detailpage I am very excited for in essence a new Mega Man. The controls look butter smooth and that dash...
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    Gameboy Color Frontlight Screen Mod

    Cool mod video from the awesome guys at kind a-lot of gaming Taking a GBA SP screen and tossing it into a GBC /watch?v=4TRWdsKQnmw& Why do this when you could just play on the SP instead? Hell if I know because they can? *shrugs*:)