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    MV1B stuck at crosshatch screen

    I have this MV1B which i assumed had a bad NEO-BUF because it could not read any games (crosshatch screen when powered on). I ordered some NEO BUF replacement chips from Furrtek and replaced the stock one on the upper board. Unfortunately that did not solve the problem. I checked for continuity...
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    MV1B no sound after stereo mod

    I was moding this mv1b and didn't notice a blob of solder between the pins of the Power amp and powered it on. It had no sound so I installed the stereo mod by Mkl. Only after that that I noticed the blob of solder. I replaced the OP amp and the yamaha 3016 but still no sound. Does the stereo...
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    MV1C weird behavior: games with protection not working

    I'm having a weird problem with this MV1C. Some games refuse to work with it, specialy games with copy protection, Like Kof 2000, MEtal Slug X, Kof 98, etc. Multcarts like the 161 in 1 won't work either, it gets stuck on a black screen. Normal games without the protection works fine, like...
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    KOF 95 graphical glitches

    I got this KOf 95 and some graphics were glitched out. Graphics like impact effects, fire, blood, rain, some Characters in the intro, the little monkey on the Italy stage, the girls at the background on the Woman's Team stage, etc, were affected. All those graphics are stored in c7 and c8, so...
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    Backup Ram Error: Unwritable

    I have a Mv1c with a backup ram error, whem I use the Unibios I can bypass the error but I can't use it in MVS mode. Using the Neo Diagnostic Bios, i got a screen telling me that the upper Bram Is Unwritable. Should I replace the backup ram? I assume it's the upper Winbound chip (RAM2), right?
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    Help with Cps2 desuicide

    I'm trying to revive this Marvel vs Street Fighter (Hispanic version) with no succes, using the Arduino method by Eduardo. The board is getting 5.05v, I've re-checked the pinouts and nothing seems wrong. I've already revive some boards with conector 9 in them and even one revision 4 orange...
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    Neo Geo CMVS RGB with THS7374

    I'm using this RGB PCB with impedance matching signals by noob in my CMVS: The colors are good but the picture is too dim if compared to the image i got with just using resistors in the RGB lines. I'm using a Scart to YUV converter in a Sony CRT...
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    AM29F400BT as bios replacement - MV1C

    I was watching a Youtube video about those chinese CMVS and i noticed that it uses an AM29F400BT as a Bios instead of a normal Bios or a NeoBiosMasta adapter. Is it safe to use one of those? Is it a direct swap? In the video in question you can see that the first and second pins were lifted...