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  1. Yamazaki

    FS: Samurai Spirits II - Plush figure set

    Selling this set of plush figures - bought in Tokyo in 2003 300$ asking price shipping from Germany
  2. Yamazaki

    FS: Poor folks Magical Drop II - AES

    Selling my not-so-minty Magical Drop II. Sunfade, repair job from SNK, rust on the manual clips. but still works flawlessly. Asking price would be 2200€ located in Germany - shipping for free. SOLD can send additional pics on request since my internet is dying on me right now...
  3. Yamazaki

    FS: Shogi Database - PC Engine and PC Engine Fan Deluxe vol 2

    For those of you who cannot afford Shogi no Tatsujin for AES. here comes the PC Engine equivalent. Shogi Database - CIB from what I understand valued at around 1000$ in Japan for a mint and complete copy 850$ OBO AND a brandnew copy of PC Engine Fan Deluxe Special vol 2 with both CDs -...
  4. Yamazaki

    FS: Magician Lord - JP AES

    Selling my copy of Magician Lord AES JP version Case, Manual and insert in very good condition Cart also very good condition Cart sticker is average with some little dirt 300$ Shipping from Germany
  5. Yamazaki

    Frohe Weihnachten und guten Rutsch!

    An alle Deutsch-Tümmler hier :D frohe Weihnachten (nachträglich...) und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr ^^ Und wo wir schon dabei sind - da nur noch 2 Monate: HELLAU HELLAU HELLAU!
  6. Yamazaki

    Wildlife simulations aka Hunting and fishing games!

    Been playing the shit out of hunting and fishing sims on my PS4 lately! move over Death Stranding and other mediocre stuff! this is where the real deal is! I mean look at this Atlantic Salmon that I caught! it weighs in at 8,722kg and is almost a meter long! I also managed to catch a...
  7. Yamazaki

    FS: Neo Geo AES Games - Japanese

  8. Yamazaki

    FS: Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire - PC Engine - legit

    selling my 2nd copy of Sapphire for PC Engine. comes only with regcard - no obi. asking price is 500€ will ad pictures later today.
  9. Yamazaki

    FS: SNK Game Boy titles, PC Engine games and Sega S-TV

    Selling off some stuff! Game Boy----------- KoF 95 - 30€ KoF 96 - 40€ PCE---------- Popn Magic sealed - 120€ Sega S-TV---- Astra Superstars - 70€
  10. Yamazaki

    FS: Neo Geo AES Games - Japanese

    Selling off some stuff from my collection. Ninja Commando - SOLD 600€ Neo Geo Cup 98 - 1500€ King of Monsters 2 - 200€ Flying Power Disc - SOLD 600€ additional pics can be sent any time! Shipping from Germany
  11. Yamazaki

    King of Fighters 97 - Puzzle

    brand new, never opened. got it back in 2006 in Japan. I was thinking of 30€ + shipping
  12. Yamazaki

    AES RGB Scart cable differences does this thing actually help for a better picture on a CRT? or is it just marketin bullshit and my 5$ scart cable is the same quality?
  13. Yamazaki

    Seling Japanese Sega Saturn heavy hitters

    Selling off a japanese Saturn games: Shinrei Jusatushi Taromaro 630 € can send detailed pictures on deman. worldwide shipping.
  14. Yamazaki

    Neo Bomberman's castle down :(

    I just realized that is down. What a shame - used to buy real quality stuff from that guy. People will probably call me a tard now and ask wether I've been living under a rock... but I really didn't know the page shut down...
  15. Yamazaki

    Sega Blast City - PSU voltage drop and non-functioning games

    I got my Blast City since last July and it actually plays most of my games perfectly. buuuuut I got issues at the moment with a korean Gunforce II pcb and the PSU. screen attached shows what I get when I hook up the game to my cab. --> the game works perfect on my MAK on TV though...
  16. Yamazaki

    VR CHat

    I don't know much about it - but it seems to be a crazy place to be at... anyone using it?
  17. Yamazaki

    Cotton - Neo Geo Pocket - Ebay Germany

    Selling my sealed copy of Cotton for Neo Geo Pocket.
  18. Yamazaki

    FS: Magician Lord Neo Geo AES Japanese

    Selling my roughed up copy of Magician Lord. JP NEO GEO AES 150€ + shipping Paypal available.
  19. Yamazaki

    WTB: Shinouken/ Ragnagard manual

    got a copy of Shinouken without manual.. now I need a manual!
  20. Yamazaki

    For Sale: King of Fighters 96 - US AES

    Selling my 2nd and last US game in my AES collection. KoF 96 gamer's condition I'd say - maybe Snaplock case should be exchanged. no damage to insert. Manual has some marks. and maybe mabye some very faint sunfade on the spine - I can't really tell.... 600$ as asking price + Shipping.