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    Offical Omega CMVS Tech Support Thread

    I've been having similar problems in both RGB and component mode using original cables shipped with the system. In RGB mode it tends to lose sync or one of the colors, and in component mode it loses red much like you describe. Sometimes re-connecting the cable would solve the problem, and other...
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    SOTM June 2018 : Terra Diver/Soukyugurentai

    Best I could do for now on the Saturn version at difficulty level 4. Didn't know the Saturn version's default difficulty was 1 lower than the ST-V version so I'll bump it up to 5 on the next attempt. Ray - 3,316,120 - SAT - 1-3
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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - PS4/XBONE/SW/PC

    Unfortunately Nintendo messed up the d-pad on the Pro Controller. If you press left/right in quick succession it will register an up input which makes it woefully inadequate for playing fighting games. Trying to play Puyo Puyo Tetris on the thing was already a nightmare.
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    Sega CD/Saturn replacement case rivalry

    In Europe's case I think it was done to accommodate the larger multi-language manuals. I've seen Japanese games using a larger case as well, they are basically a slightly thicker normal jewelcase and are just as much of a nightmare to replace. Unfortunately though, even normal jewelcases are a...
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    CMVS on a SONY PVM 20L2

    Could be wrong, but it looks to me like the sync signal isn't coming through. On my PVM-1443MD I have to turn on external sync for RGB to work while composite and S-Video use internal sync. Make sure you've connected the sync cable at the right place and press the EXT SYNC button. If that...
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    What is your favorite Metal Slug?

    Close call between 1 and X for me. I feel 1 is a little too easy, so I went with X. 2 is also a great game, but it's slowdown is not very 2-player friendly. By the way, I really wish 5 had a little more time in the oven. It could have been a classic if they just had the time to truly finish it...
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    Controller Regional Variations

    The PAL Super Nintendo has a controller region lock, you cannot use American SNES or Super Famicom controllers on it without a mod. Apparently only some of the PAL motherboard revisions do this, and it can be circumvented by bridging some parts on the controller port board. Leave it to Nintendo...
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    Why do people talk shit about the Nintendo 64?

    A lot of people consider the trident shape weird, but Nintendo's intention was pretty interesting. Basically, you'd play 3D games with the middle/right prongs, 2D games(Kirby 64, Mischief Makers) with the left/right prongs and then there were the few that could use a left/middle setup like Sin &...
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    Daisy chaining scart switches?

    My 2 Bandridge switches seem to work fine together without noticeable image quality loss, you just have to watch out with the SCART cables you're using, since one weak link will drastically decrease image quality. Make sure the SCART cable actually supports RGB and has decent shielding, which...
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    Neo geo MV-1FZS acting weird

    My 161-in-1 showed similar symptoms when I used a power supply that was too weak, but legitimate games worked perfectly fine. Apparently multicarts draw more power. It could be something else entirely in your case though. If you can, try testing a legitimate game.
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    Unofficial MVS and AES Price Guide

    Hype makes all logic go out of the window when it comes to old games, I guess. It seems like all those games that had a resurgence in popularity are impossible to get back down again. If NeoSD doesn't do it, nothing will.
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    Unofficial MVS and AES Price Guide

    I'm surprised at how the price for Windjammers still seems to rise, you'd think it would be exactly the kind of game to level out/drop since so many people who bought it did because they weren't able to play it on the 161-in-1. There sure are a lot more listings for the game on eBay than...
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    Favorite MVS board design?

    MV1-FZ for 1 slots, and MV-4FT for multi-slots. I'd pick MV-6 just for the 6 cart option, but they seem to break down a lot.
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    Has anyone ever translated Quiz King of Fighters?

    I'm down with that, and I would definitely like to see more quiz games get translated.
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    Has anyone ever translated Quiz King of Fighters?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't a lot of the questions in this game related to Japanese culture? Quiz games usually don't get translations since they require more than a direct translation to work well as a game. For a recent example, the quiz DLC in Ace Attorney Dual Destinies got skipped...
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    Windjammers announced for PS4

    I really, really hope they don't mess this one up but DotEmu doesn't exactly have a very good track record.
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    Who do you think was the last blade in The Last Blade?

    One interesting thing about the Japanese title of LB2 is that it is to my knowledge still the longest title of any video game. 幕末浪漫第二幕 月華の剣士 ~月に咲く華、散りゆく花~ is the full title, and it roughly translates to "Romance of the Bakumatsu Act II: Swordsman of the Moonlight - On the Moon a Flower Blooming...
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    Difference between Samurai Shodown 4 US/Korean?

    Some games have revisions determined by the ROMs and cannot be changed using a Unibios. Many Korean versions of NG fighting games removed dialogue/animations, and some games like Storm Troopers have revisions significant for gameplay. Your usual white blood censorship and missing animations...
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    Lets discuss repros and where they belong in the community.

    In the SNES's case, I don't really see this happening anytime soon. The Super Everdrive will only ever support DSP-1 if you install the chip, and SuperFX/SA-1 support for the SD2SNES seems pretty unlikely for a long time. SA-1 seems to have better chances than SuperFX though. So if you own a...
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    white shells

    Huh, didn't know LB2 came in solid white carts. I got an English KoF '98 in a white shell, but that's the only one I've seen. Anyway, when did SNK stop the rental service in Japan? I've seen some rental carts of LB1 and RBFFS, but no newer games. Also, does anyone know which games had a rental...