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    RIP Stan Lee

    a true legend
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    Never played in perfect condition, £500 uk pounds with free tracked shipping . Game is sold Pictures in the link
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    on hold

    on hold for now
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    Selling my full kit that is in excellent condition, especially the box, it comes with 2 sets of labels and 2 sets of instructions,and dip sheet everything is 100 percent original andy ou can easily see the original boards through the cart at an angle, cart is in very nice condition but has been...
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    please close

    got the second i realised
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    WTB SSVS FLYER poster or full poster

    There was a official japanese flyer that came out when the mvs samurai spirits zero was released it is in this picture
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    any info on Samurai sprits zero special poster ?

    I have read in the past a couple of people say they have this poster but never seen pics and I have seen the odd flyer but never a full poster,and nothing comes up on google images and was wondering if one actually exists as would like to get my hands on one, even the flyer ? Anyone ?
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    Samurai shodown question in gaming magazine

    When the game came out, Either EGM or gamepro had a special players guide which was several pages long but I cant remember which one it was. Does anyone know and what issue it was as I want to get a copy thanks.
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    WTB: UNFIXED Samurai shodown v special AES US

    After the unfixed version of this game in unused condition and only the US version thx, pm me with price
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    100 years of extinction (Martha the passenger pigeon)

    Earlier this month the passenger pigeon had been extinct for 100 years when at one time there were more passenger pigeons than any other bird.
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    After this title, cart must be like mint with no insertion marks and insert must not be creased and manual also no damage thanks.
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    Question on dingoo

    I am thinking of getting a 330 and just want to know how easy it would be to install the unibios in it. Also are there any actual fighting joysticks that can be used for it. And how good is the control to use to perform special moves on fighting games, as only pull them off decent with the neo...
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    on hold

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    WTB afa 85/ afa 90 G1 sealed boxed transformer bombshell or sealed mint one prices inside

    Transformers If graded 85 with no flap crease or yellow window will pay 1100 dollars if graded 90 with pay 1600 dollars if mint sealed boxed with no flap crease or any signs of wear depending on quality will pay up to 600 dollars not interested in 80s or ones with damage thanks
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    SOLD....Test sheet of 6 mini marquees inc unreleased matrimlee

    This item has been sold. This was made by SNK USA for arcade shock, its a laminated test sheet before they went into production its a one of a kind piece more about it can be read here...
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    Was playing some Metal Slug 3.......what an awesome game.

    Decided to play some metal slug 3 over the weekend and forgot how good it was. Played it several times going through all the different paths with the yetis and zombies and large flies and piranhas etc. Great playability and great graphics and soundtrack. Dont know how I had missed the elephant...
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    Now thats what you call an egg
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    Remove Leslie's war room rank.

    Although he hasnt posted in months, that doesnt mean he wont be back but after leaning he has some type of brain damage/slowdown and seeing vids off off him, I dont think he deserves the war room troll rank. He types the way he does because of his situation.
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    Rare uncut NEO GEO MVS Mini marquee test sheet with unreleased Matrimelee

    Neo Geo pre-production uncut review layout made by SNK USA for Arcade shock featuring 6 mini marquees including the unreleased Matrimelee and an unreleased orange version of Metal slug 4. Which I acquired direct from ArcadeShock . This is the only one in existence. Matrimelee wasnt released...
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    Happy birthday Bhm and Amano Jacu

    The three of us joined up within 2 months of each other, both great guys so happy birthday to you both.