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    Everything Sold.

    Everything Sold.
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    Everything Sold.

    Everything Sold.
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    MV2F Low volume on Left Audio?

    MV2F Low volume on Left Audio? Something that a Cap Kit would fix?
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    WTB Old Style AES Stick or Neo CD Pad in U.S.A

    PM me if you're looking to sell either.
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    FSFT: Zelda Doll

    Open to trades. No, seriously, this is real. I'll also be posting some PCBs and games in a bit too.
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    WTB: Small 1-slot MVS Mobo

    Well I considerably downsized my collection, sold my cmvs, so I'm looking for just a simple 1-slot motherboard, I'd like one of the smaller ones. Preferably for a good price.
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    FS: Sega Nomad w/AC Adapter and SF2 Championship Edition

    Hey guys, bought this Nomad from one of the forum members,, about a month ago. Was really more of an impulse buy and I really don't need it. So I'm gonna sell it for exactly what I paid. Selling for $55 shipped. Check out the pics.
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    FS: Everything sold, more to come later.

    Everything sold, more to come later.
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    *PRICE DROP* FS: 2-Slot CMVS and MVS carts. Everything must go.

    CMVS is SOLD, See post #2 for MVS carts Hi guys, unfortunately it's time for me to put most of my Neo collection up for sale. First I've got a very cleanly consolized (with the guidance of Xian Xi) MV-2F. Guess I'll give a description from the base up 1/4" black acrylic base w/flame polished...
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    WTB: Sega Nomad

    Anyone got a Nomad they're looking to sell? I'm looking for one. Course I'm looking for one that includes everything to actually play it. Either battery pack or AC adapter. Not too picky on system condition as long as there aren't any glaring issues (eg, no major gashes on the casing or...
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    PCB Layout/Design Software.

    Anyone have any suggestions on something to design PCB's that's hopefully somewhat easy to use?
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    PCB Layout/Design Software.

    Close, wrong forum. Thought I was in Tech Talk. Wow.
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    WTB: Broken OG Gameboy or Specific part from one.

    Nm, just one a system on the bay for a buck and a quarter.
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    PRICE DROP: Shadow of the Colossus Black Label Version FS

    Hey guys I have a copy of Shadow of the Colossus up for sale. It's the Black Label version. Was only used a few times. Both games come with everything as if you got them new. Looking for $20 + 5$ for shipping.
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    FS: 20$ PSN Card - 20$

    Hey, I've got a 20$ PSN card that I have no use for so it's for sale. At face value, $20. Could be useful for you guys overseas that have imported US consoles and have problems getting PSN credit cause of the credit card. Selling at face value $20. To avoid fees I'd like that you use either...
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    Circuit design help?

    I'm wondering if someone could help me design a simple circuit. Basically the lock switch mod you'd do on a TE, but I wanna do it without installing an actual switch. Kind of like the start+select=guide mod. But I wanna do it with one button instead. So what I'd like to do is have this...
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    PRICE DROP: Virtua Stick High Grade FS

    Hey guys, I'm posting a stick FOR A FRIEND, not mine. If you're interested PM me and I'll get you his information. It's a VSHG. It's in absolutley perfect condition. Like new. I can vouch for this as it used to be mine, I sold it to him. Neither of us really used it. It comes with...
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    Xbox 360 analog stick replacement with mouse possible?

    Posted this on SRK too. I've got a friend that his PC won't run Black Ops and he wants to get a 360 but hates the controllers. He's a keyboard and mouse guy. So I was thinking of solutions for him. Before you guys tell me I know there are converters. They leave some things to be desired...
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    Where to buy panel mount scart connector.

    i posted in the Sourcing Parts thread but hadn't gotten a response. Where could I find a female scart connector that I can panel mount as well as a cutting template? I'm also looking for a male cable mount connector so I can make a cable too.