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  1. HDRchampion

    Anyone own an E-bike?

    I just ordered two, Lectric bike for me & Jupiter x5 for my youngest daughter. I have never even see one in person but they look pretty nice. Probably ride some trails and also the marina during the summer. I have to wait 7 weeks for mine, so going to do more research on what must have...
  2. HDRchampion

    My phone just died.

    I have an old Galaxy S8+ that just died. Phone was pretty good but just died without warning. I need a new phone, can you guys recommend at good android phone.
  3. HDRchampion

    WTB: MS9 Chassis & Toshiba PD1843 Chassis

    If you have one that's working, let me know how much shipped. MS9 Chassis is for a Toshiba a68kju96 Toshiba PD1843 is for a New Net City Toshiba tri-sync flat monitor. Thanks
  4. HDRchampion

    Aquarium fishy

    Im not a big fan of pets at all. i just dont see the point in having one but my daughter has been bugging me forever...So i think we are going to go with with fishes for her birthday. Is there particular brand aquarium that's good to buy. Are the ones in Petco w/ the stands any good? If you...
  5. HDRchampion

    Any Stargazers here?

    The other night i saw some bright ass star or planet and had no idea what it was. It was perfect circle w/ some patterns very similar to Tron disc. I also notice quite a few moving light rectangular lights throughout the night too. Drones? UFO? Not sure, it was just weird but also got me...
  6. HDRchampion

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Just 2 more days. Anyone else picking it up?
  7. HDRchampion

    Solar Off Grid Homes/Living?

    I was searching to buy a house that had some acreage to it and i came upon solar homes. These two hit quite a bit of checkmarks for me. Less than hour away from my current home. Has some nice potential, its also near a lake. Downside is that its 6 acres & appears to have a neighbor close...
  8. HDRchampion

    Mirrorless Camera

    Its been almost 10years since i bought a camera. Time for an upgrade. What would you recommend? I really dont want to spend more than $1K for one but if i had to at most $1500. Im thinking the Sony A6400 seem like a good price.
  9. HDRchampion

    Playstation Plus 12 month $25

    Yo cheapest i've ever seen. Only $25 on amazon.
  10. HDRchampion

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

    Almost that time of year again. Anyone got any good deals on stuff. What are you planning to get?
  11. HDRchampion

    Cluster of badluck/things breaking down

    Man this month has really sucked.... *Air condition in car broke - *I fixed it* *One of my home theater seats broke *Bathroom sink broke, need new one(Lowes delay shipping another week) *Need new valve for leak *Chassis i ordered came broken Now my Hot Water tank needs replacing...All this...
  12. HDRchampion

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    What are your thoughts on them. I joined their facebook group and im just laughing my ass off on some of these idiots. I even made a post if they prefer original cabs or these 1up one's and 90% rather have 1up than a real arcade cabinet. Just saw this today.
  13. HDRchampion

    Capture Device

    Ok i want to record old stuff mostly VGA stuff like Dreamcast & Naomi. What capture device do you recommend? I have an Elgato HD60S i haven't got that to work with it.
  14. HDRchampion

    Manufactured Homes

    Has anyone ever lived in one or better yet bought one brand new? Care to share your experience on the dos & donts. We kind of enjoyed the glamping thing so much, i want to buy some land near a lake & put one of these manufactured homes. Prices seem pretty nice, like around $150,000 or less...
  15. HDRchampion

    4-player Games

    I've been gaming a lot with my kids lately, playing the VR and the awesome 4player Overcook. What are some games similar to Overcook co-op. Also list the best 4-player games.
  16. HDRchampion

    Vewlix cabs

    I was thinking of picking up some Vewlix cabs. I was hoping to get some opinions on them. Im particularly looking into getting the following. Vewlix L & Vewlix Diamond. Any idea on the current price for them? Any known issues?
  17. HDRchampion

    Black Friday/ Cyber MOnday deals

    I haven't participated in a couple years now but got some extra cash this year and feel like spending on stuff i dont really need. Post your deals if you see them. Mario Party w/ Joy cons for $99 bucks but if you have that game member you get 20% off...
  18. HDRchampion

    I want a new Tablet

    I really haven't been following this tech for years... What's a good one to get. I just recently saw the Ipad Pro and they want like $2000+ for it. Not sure i want to spend that much on that. Looking for the same size(12.9") or larger.
  19. HDRchampion

    Always bet on black Wesley Snipes best!

    As much as i love quoting that line from Passenger 57, best Wesley Snipes movie is his sports movie. White Men Cant Jump & Major Leagues.
  20. HDRchampion

    Ever been rank #1 in gaming?

    Wife & kids went to a Jehova Witness convention up in Canada. Not my thing so decided to stay home & try to accomplish something i never done before, which is to get rank #1 in a game. Just got #1 one in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for SF2 Hyper Fighting. Would this be considered S Class?