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  1. norton9478

    Building a supergun.

    Been twining of building a supergun since I found a bunch of Zelda Dolls in my basement. My have they gotten expensive. What does everybody use for enconders these days? I guess everything is garbage from china nowdays. Are the RGB->HDMI any good or do they have a lot of lag/complications...
  2. norton9478

    Sheldon_Adelson is dead.

    I hope he was cognitive enough last week to see his hand-picked trump lackeys fist bumping anti-Semites.
  3. norton9478

    Today is Armistice Day.

    Or as 70,000,000+ Americans call it: "Suckers and Losers Day".
  4. norton9478

    FS: Sealed Games and Zelda.

    Legendary Sellers Return! US shipping is $10 flat. T2 Arcade (SNES) Sealed: $65 No Hangtag. Store Stickers. Security Strip Minor creasing on one side. Jungle Strike (SNES) Sealed: $55 Hantag. Store Stickers. Security Strip Minor creasing on two...
  5. norton9478

    Isn't Rand Paul Supposed to be a Libertarian or Something?

    He is on the TV Hazing a mad because he was "attacked" by anarchist protesters. Direct quote: “We can’t have Joe Biden rule the country and have no police,”
  6. norton9478

    Service guarantees citizenship... Would you like to know more?

    Would you like to know more? W7T_-VdJU5w
  7. norton9478

    Samsung Rotatable TV

  8. norton9478

    Recommend an SACD/DVD-A/HDCD deck.

    Anyone have a recommendation on a deck that plays all 3 formats? Would also like 5.1 analog outputs. Blu Ray audio would be a plus but not required. I'd be looking to spend under $200 used.
  9. norton9478

  10. norton9478

    What's the RGB encoder of choice these days (for consolization and newer TV's)?

    Been itching to do a 2 slot consolization for old time's sake (last one was an atomiswave in late, late late 2006). Looking for an encoder that will work on modern TV's. Maybe an nice up-scanning HDMI but not looking to spend XRGB (or the modern equivalent) type money. Would also consider...
  11. norton9478

    Actually found some decent playstation stuff in the wild.

    Went to 50 houses at a neighborhood and only made one purchase. Somehow, I got 2-3 streets over from where all the action was (I was on foot as my partner took the car to go to check a sale a few miles away).
  12. norton9478

    collecovision is a piece of shit

    Seriously... Who made this garbage? You look at it and it breaks.
  13. norton9478

    7th Dark Tower Book.

    Is it as bad as everybody says it is?
  14. norton9478

    Can we change the name of this sub forum?

    Because this is looking more like a Trumpster Tire Fire.
  15. norton9478

    Remember Last Summer?

    When everybody dissed me for mentioning ties between the Trump Team and the Russian State?
  16. norton9478

    Every day is Groundhog Day

    When trump is president. Piss off an ally. Lash Out at an american who criticizes you. Say something Racist or Xenophobic. Lash out at the media for quoting you. Wake up the next day and do it all over again. RD8xQRZP11NXs
  17. norton9478

    Solution for Nascar's post-season

    Every time I read a paper, they are trying something new. Now they are trying to end the season with some complicated series where they run multiple heats during a race. They think that is what the fans want. I say at the end of the season, take the top 10 drivers and put them into a...
  18. norton9478

    THe last 4 presidents with experience running a business.

    Donald Trump George W. Bush Jimmy Carter Herbert Hoover.
  19. norton9478

    PS4 can't play audio CD's?

  20. norton9478

    3 minutes to midnight