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  1. Hawwa

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Today's scoop. Negative side: GW very roughed and with low contrast screens. NES and PS1 without cables and controllers. Positive side: 0 euros (friends donations)
  2. Hawwa

    WTB: Cyber Lip

    Not to rattle the can here but Cuba is America.
  3. Hawwa

    WTB: Cyber Lip

    No te olvides de que hay gente por estos lares que habla la lengua de Cervantes a la perfección, así que allá vamos: tu-> tú difinitivo-> definitivo bienen-> vienen
  4. Hawwa

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I knew I was gonna receive some hate for PSII but what can I say? I played quite a lot since it was on the machine on the bar closest to my childhood house so I have good memories of that piece of shit of a game. I also noticed that MS4 cart's texture is different than any other cart I own...
  5. Hawwa

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I came here to brag about these But then I saw Lachlan's Viewlix...
  6. Hawwa

    NeoGeo World ITALY Updade 10/11/2021

    And he means EXACTLY.
  7. Hawwa

    One game, just one.

    It'd be hard but Metal Slug.
  8. Hawwa

    WTB: Zelda Artifact

    This not being in the ZELDA DOLL TRADING FORUM makes my heart burn.
  9. Hawwa

    Building a MVS 4 slot cab (US style) from Scratch. Questions in regards to paint etc

    Thanks for the pics. That's a NANAO pc monitor? Didn't know they even existed...
  10. Hawwa

    Building a MVS 4 slot cab (US style) from Scratch. Questions in regards to paint etc

    Yes, pics please. I can't help you with your answers but I built myself a bartop (with lcd, not big enough game room for a crt one) so if you have any building doubt maybe I could help.
  11. Hawwa

    "Sleeper" Arcade Titles

    I played the hell out of Radikal Bikers here on Spain on its dedicated cabinet. I even remember we made up lyrics for the music to match the gameplay "Powerpig in your feet, your mother fucks with me" we were 15 and thought it was cool. LOL
  12. Hawwa

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Been away for a while but now I bring you some AES and MVS goodness as a token: Still in the "cheap ass JP AES" lookout.
  13. Hawwa

    FS: Nintendo Switch Lites...

    Fuck, I lost my SNES privileges for 3 months for not passing a physics evaluation. Flying colours since then.
  14. Hawwa

    Neo Geo MVS Boards. Kits and Carts

    Hello! As commented on the previous post, I'm interested in some of the games, all lose carts ans EN label version (if multiple copies, the best label available): Captain Tomaday Fatal fury 3 (I know it's on hold, in case it doesn't go forward) Football frenzy Power spikes II Puzzle bobble RB...
  15. Hawwa

    Quest of Jongmaster

    I read Dongmaster and now I'm frankly dissapointed.
  16. Hawwa

    MVS Boards, Kits and Carts

    I'll keep an eye on this thread, I'm still missing some must-have games in my MVS collection.
  17. Hawwa

    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    RIP Stealthlurker, sad news indeed.
  18. Hawwa

    The Game Room arcade in Republic, WA...

    Very well done sir. Would I be attending to a meeting like that the organizer would never have to pay for a drink.
  19. Hawwa

    Youtuber que analiza el significado de los ataques de videojuegos japoneses

    Hola! Os traigo un youtuber peruano/japonés que explica, en español, los significados de los ataques de personajes de videojuegos japoneses, entre ellos varios de SNK: Hay muchos y no solo de SNK, así que os recomiendo que paséis por su canal.
  20. Hawwa

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I'm a father of two, that virtual suck is the nearest I've gotten to having sex in years.