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  1. Vigormortis

    WTB: 2L12B panel for Neo Candy 25 cabinet

    Looking for a 12 button control panel for my Neo Candy 25, like the one in this picture: I wanna get some CPS action in without butchering my 2L8B panel. Although it seems very similar, I don't think a Neo Candy 29 panel will work. They look almost the same, but the control panel for the 29...
  2. Vigormortis's JAMMA-2-MVS component values

    I have an unassembled JAMMA-2-MVS adapter from Just to be clear, this is the one for playing JAMMA boards on a MVS cabinet. Could someone with the same adapter please share the values of the 4 resistors and 2 capacitors on the board? Thanks
  3. Vigormortis

    WTB Turbo/PC Engine Duo (bad caps)

    I'm looking for a Turbo Duo or PC Engine Duo with a controller. I'm mainly on the lookout for a good deal on a unit that is suffering from the capacitor death issue which plagues these consoles. Someone please dig a poor dying PC engine duo out of your closet :glee:
  4. Vigormortis

    WTB shitty 5 port SCART selector in USA

    I wanna try a little experiment to see if I can mod one of those low quality (dims the image) scart switchers into something halfway decent. Rather than pay to have one shipped from the UK, I figured it would be worthwhile to see if anyone in the USA would be interested in selling me their poor...
  5. Vigormortis

    Need to identify IC on 1st gen AES board.

    Last month, I purchased a broken AES, planning to gut it and use the case for my MV-1C. Before that though, I'd like to see if I can get it up and running. I'd feel bad about gutting an AES that could still be saved :P. I noticed that an IC is missing from position Q2 in the bottom left hand...
  6. Vigormortis

    FOUND: MVS Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer loose cart and any cheap AES cart

    WTB MVS Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer: FOUND Bare cart only. I'm not picky about the condition or language of the label (even a replacement label written with a sharpie would be fine :p ), as long as the boards are fully functional and genuine. Cheap AES cartridge: FOUND. Soon my experiments...
  7. Vigormortis

    (CLOSED) MVS 138 in 1 (don't need menu PCB), Magician Lord, Waku Waku 7

    *Mission Complete* ---------------------- Already found ------------- Magician Lord Samurai Shodown 2 Samurai Shodown 138 in 1 MVS multicart - I'm planning to do the dipswitch mod for use on a CMVS, so the menu sub PCB will not be necessary. If anyone out there has a malfuctioning menu PCB...