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  1. terry.330

    Cowboy Bebop Netflix

    So here's the opening between this and the production photos I don't have high hopes for this. Looks like a fancy fanmade project with a big dash of Sin City and Firefly. It just looks hokey and goofy, which the animated series was a bit but it was also very muted and restrained when it needed...
  2. terry.330

    Biz Markie Passes at 57

    Goddamnit, another legendary rapper.
  3. terry.330

    Large steps in recent gaming evolution

    I got Sleeping Dogs Definitive and recently hacked my PS3 so I've been going through games of that generation and was thinking about the evolution of gaming in the last decade or so. SD is one of 10,475 GTA clones from that era just exceptionally well done. Reading comments on YT about it being...
  4. terry.330

    Rapper Gift of Gab passes away at 50

    Half of Blackalicious and just an incredible and talented guy. This suck big time.
  5. terry.330

    New release games on Amazon

    So I noticed a while ago that EU region games started showing up and now almost every new release is EU and the US ones are almost alway slightly more $ and only from 3rd party sellers. WTF is this BS? I see people in review comments say they can't get any DLC because of the region differences...
  6. terry.330

    WTB: Sam Sho 2 JPN Home Cart

    So I have a Neo and I have a SD but I feel that I should own at least 1 real game. Looking for a really clean copy at a reasonable price or possible trade.
  7. terry.330

    Misc. Art 21

    Hopefully I'll try to keep this somewhat updated. Been doing stencils for awhile and lately I've started putting them on skateboard decks. Mariya Takeuchi (commission by former member Average Joe) Audrey from Twin Peaks
  8. terry.330

    Shock G (Humpty D Hump) Dead at 57

    This suck, dude was super underrated and known almost only for Digital Underground (which is awesome) but he was an amazing producer. Obligatory:
  9. terry.330

    FS: JPN PS1/2 Collection

    Everything is EX-NM and complete unless noted. Shipping is not included and only within the US. Maybe Canada depending on what you want. PS2: -OEM Component Cables $40 -Shikigami No Shiro $25 -Shikigami No Shiro 2 $35 -Homura $90 -Trigger Heart Excelica $70 -Psyvariar 2 $80 -Fist of the...
  10. terry.330

    Does anyone actually use these new online banking companies?

    I see ads for these things all the time. I have no interest in using one but I assume people must since they're popping up left and right. I don't like my bank but at least I can go in and talk to an actual person if I have an issue. They don't offer anything a normal bank doesn't aside from...
  11. terry.330

    FS: GB Pocket Backlit, GB Everdrive and Super GB

    Shipping only in the US included. Everything is in excellent condition. -Gameboy Pocket- Backlit with basic screen from Handheld Legends(not the newer IPS), new screen cover and buttons includes box + manual $95 -Everdrive GB $70 -Super Gameboy (SFC) $15 Take it all for $170 shipped...
  12. terry.330

    WTTF Vert Shmups

    I'm looking for something new to play. Nothing fancy but just a solid fun shmup. But must be vert. Looking for like Strikers 1945 II, Raiden 2 etc. stuff in that value range. Want to keep it within the US. I got the following for trade: -Aero Fighters -Sky Shark -Devastators -Mercs (would...
  13. terry.330

    RIP To the Metal Faced Villain

    MF Doom died on oct. 31st his wife just announced today. He was 49. Fuck 2020 right in the ass.
  14. terry.330

    FS: Sega Wondermega

    This is the Sega HWM-5010 model includes original controller, PSU, AV/s-video cables and demo disc. In excellent condition. I'd give it an 8/10 overall. Scuffs in picture look worse due to lighting. $850.00 shipped in the US. I'll ship it via USPS,UPS or FedEx depending on what you want since...
  15. terry.330

    FS: Gamer condition FFS and SS2 JPN Home carts

    $65 shipped for both in the US. They're complete, I'd give them a 5.5/10 conservatively I'm not gonna take a pic or open the carts. But I can throw a football over a mountain.
  16. terry.330

    So uhhh apparently I bought a Switch Lite

    Fairly certain I was high as a kite at about 5am. Anywho recommend me some games. Not fucking Animal Crossing.
  17. terry.330

    FS: Sam Spirits II AES

    It's 6.5/10 complete and the bottom shell is not cracked. US only. $40 wing wangs. You just have to complete this quote. Wut it look like when I wipe off my sweat...
  18. terry.330

    HBD to Reel Gay

    Hope you got yourself a new Yakface slabbed.
  19. terry.330

    Following in Taiso footsteps

    I'm doing a giveaway. For one Macho Man Randy Savage Hawaiian shirt. Shipped in the US. It's a size Large so not for fatty fat fats. I will also include custom art and some stickers. Noobs can...
  20. terry.330

    Sam Spirits 2 AES

    NVM put it in and played it. It's still awesome.