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  1. mikejmoffitt

    MVS MV1-FS / Hardware Test - Color Bars issue - Fixed

    It looks to me like green bit 1 (second from the lowest, 0) is missing or stuck somehow. Double check the wiring of the lower green bits and make sure those are doing okay. Your wiring is very neat. EDIT: On second review, it might just be that the green bit is being grounded out by the...
  2. mikejmoffitt

    LSPC2-A2 Replacement board/ replacement chip

    I have a 2-slot MVS that works, but has some minor graphical bugs on one slot. I think it might be able to provide an LSPC2-A2 as a donor. I have at least one MV1FZS with bad audio that has this chip as well. PM me if you think you might want one for parts. I bet the chip can be removed with...
  3. mikejmoffitt

    How would you rank all King of Fighters games from best to worst?

    I really like 99's backgrounds and overall presentation. It has a few decent music tracks. I thought 95 was pretty chill in similar ways. I tried to like 98, but I find that I have trouble appreciating it much at all. Overall, I think KOF is a bit of a wasteland with music, with a few standouts...
  4. mikejmoffitt

    MegaSD support thread

    I'm receiving mine today, supposedly. What I'm curious to know is whether or not the Cartridge + CDDA mode works; Flux uses this. As for graphical glitches, my Mega CD doesn't have any real glitches in the BIOS, other than the quirks of scaling something down to such a small size not...
  5. mikejmoffitt

    Screen issues on 4slot advice?

    The 60 in 1 has no neo geo games and isn't very good at playing the ones it has. I would try to fix the board you have instead and enjoy a Neo Geo.
  6. mikejmoffitt

    Horizontal Green lines

    In general a washed out image is characterized by poor contrast, and/or poor gamma. A tube that has poor emissions will have one or both of these characteristics. Before trying a restoration on the tube, I can tell you that caps in your RGB signal path need replacing on the chassis; look at the...
  7. mikejmoffitt

    CPS1 deep cleaning

    I just got some filthy PCBs in so maybe trying to clean them this way would be a good idea (complete with oven drying)
  8. mikejmoffitt

    Free in SF bay area: (New) Astro City power supply

    Big thanks to city41 - saved a meetup I am hosting in a few days, since the PSU in my NAC let the blue smoke out the other week (no 5V). Hopefully I can fix that one and pass on the favor or keep a spare. One A board has no sound (not the amp, nor the Z80... still diagnosting) but never look a...
  9. mikejmoffitt

    do people want any more VGA boards?

    I've also gotten into Lattice's FPGA offerings and I like their software a lot, so it might make things a bit cheaper as well.
  10. mikejmoffitt

    Screen issues on 4slot advice?

    Just setting it up in the arcade machine will be fine.
  11. mikejmoffitt

    Screen issues on 4slot advice?

    Looks like it is not booting and the watchdog is making it reset repeatedly (hence the flickering it does when it tries to boot). First thing will be to check CPU, CPU memory, and BIOS ROM. The SMKdan bios is a good starting point for this,
  12. mikejmoffitt

    do people want any more VGA boards?

    I dropped out of doing anything with the neovga boards a while ago after selling the last batch, and on occasion I will get the odd email from someone who wants one. However, from the last build, a sizable number of people never got back to me when I told them I had boards for them, and I had a...
  13. mikejmoffitt

    CPS2 B board vertical lines unless pcb removed from plastic case

    I have this problem on one of my CPS2 boards as well because the plastic pegs that keep the PCB from bending uwpards have snapped off inside the B board case.
  14. mikejmoffitt

    FS Nanao chassis, Capcom IO, Astro City

    Are the Astro stickers new old stock or repro?
  15. mikejmoffitt

    NORCAL: Astro City and Max Tune 3

    Waiting for if that Astro gets split off
  16. mikejmoffitt

    MV-2 Flickering Pixels on edges

    The fix was to remove the previous owner's "fix", which ran a jumper wire from some random point A to random point B.
  17. mikejmoffitt

    SOLD: B-Rap Boys PCB

    If this hasn't been taken yet I'll gladly get it off your hands.
  18. mikejmoffitt

    sony pvm-2950Q Help

    If the image just rolls vertically, it sounds like your vertical hold needs adjustment. I don't know where it is on the menus of the PVM-2950Q, but on the PVM-2530Q there is a knob.
  19. mikejmoffitt

    System16B issue: vertical lines on sprites

    I don't think it is a ROM problem because System 16 sprites rely on ROM data to know when it is the end of a line. With bad sprite ROMs you get big horizontal streaks rightwards from the sprite, and I'm not seeing that here. IIRC sprites are linear, not planar, so these missing lines wouldn't...
  20. mikejmoffitt

    Model 1 Sega Genesis Vertical Banding Video Images.

    A rolling hum bar like that is probably from your power supply. Try another if possible.