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    WTB: Electroplankton

    Any region is fine.
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    How is porn not prostitution?

    Really, how does this work? As long as you film the act and sell it, it is doesn't count as prostitution?
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    New Release 360 Trade-In Value?

    I'm not too much up on 360 game prices, but I do want to play in the Halo 3 beta that's coming up. How much do you think I could sell Crackdown back to Gamestop/EB for? Do I get cash or credit with a trade-in?
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    Don't put it in your mouth!

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    Greatest News Story You'll Read This Week! :tickled: :lolz:
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    So, how did everyone do on finals?

    It may be a little early for some of you guys, but I've been done since Saturday. I just found out this afternoon I made an A in Linear Algebra. It was the only class I was worried about because the guy was such a horrible teacher... Hopefully 15hrs of A this semester will help me get some...
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    Lego Star Wars II Kicks Ass!!!

    It's true. I got the pc version, and it even supports same system multiplayer! I'm still not sure if my game saved properly though.... It's supposed to autosave, but it never tells you that. I had to look it up online. :rolleyes:
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    I might have to sell my soul...

    So I can afford to play Virtua Fighter 5. From those of you who have actually played the arcade version, how do you think this compares graphically?
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    FA: 20gb PS3 on Ebay
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    Is there another shipment of ps3s coming before Christmas?

    Just wondering...
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    Is Radirgy coming out in the US for Gamecube? 4 Color Rebellion has it listed as a release this week. I hope this is true, but I know it's not...
  12. gamejunkie

    Get a Wii, Red Steel, or other Wii items for FREE!!!

    Ubisoft has put up a website called Dojo of Pain. They give you objectives that once completed give you stars to buy the items. I started this last night and already have over 2000 points, and I should have plenty more coming in after they review some of the stuff I've sent it. Use the link...
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    Do backup 360 games still need to be SS patched?

    I've been poking around to see if having a seperate core system for backups would be worthwhile, and can't find if you still have to patch every game... Do you? None of the newsgroups say anything about patching, just burn and play...
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    How many 360's do you think Gears of War will kill?

    20%??? I've heard the failure rate of launch systems is somewhere around 80%. Eighty Percent!!!! :eek_2: To tell you the truth, I want a 360 to play Lumines, Gears of War, and to watch HD DVDs, but I'm not buying a product with this high of a failure rate... You say I could always buy a...
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    Somebody take the gonge away from Microsoft

    To me, this is just insanity. $59.99 Halo 3 $69.99 Halo 3 Collector's Edition $99.99 Halo 3 Legendary Edition with Halo Helmet!
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    Wii Virtual Console Titles for Launch

    NES * Mario Bros. * The Legend of Zelda * Donkey Kong * Donkey Kong Jr. * Ice Hockey * Pinball * Soccer * Tennis * Urban Champion * Wario's Woods * Baseball * Solomon's Key Super NES * F-Zero * SimCity Nintendo 64 * Super Mario 64 SEGA Genesis * Sonic the Hedgehog * Altered Beast * Golden...
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    What's your favorite candy/candy bar?

    Mine changes from month to month, but right now I'm into Kit Kats. I'm thinking of importing some candy bars from around the world, so I'm interested in what you guys enjoy.
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    Is it just me, or...

    Does everyone accidentally eject from vehicles in Metal Slug 2? It's very hard not to hit fire and jump at the same time, especially in Mission 2's boss section. Am I just bad at it, or did they change this in later Slugs?
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    World Series Bitches!

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    WTB: These MVS games

    2020 Super Baseball Baseball Stars Professional Baseball Stars 2 Blazing Star Fatal Fury Special King of Monsters Last Blade Last Blade 2 Magical Drop 3 Mark of the Wolves Nam 1975 Sengoku 2 Soccer Brawl *Bolded are the games that I really want. It would be super if I could buy multiple carts...